10 Worst Things Black Panther Has Ever Done

Black Panther is the hero we have always deserved to see on the big screen. His first appearance in Civil War was taken so well that he was bound to get a solo movie very soon. By the looks of it, the movie looks so amazing that it has made Black Panther one of the top Marvel characters in recent times. But Black Panther has done some really shady things in the comics as well. Here’s a list.

He threw Deadpool out of a window

There was an instance where Deadpool wanted to see for himself how powerful Ulysses really was. As he broke into the Ultimates headquarters, Black Panther discovered him and the two had gotten into a very brutal battle which actually ended with the Panther throwing the merc with a mouth out of a window onto the street below.   

He used the Fantastic Four as his fight dummies

Black Panther first debuted in a Fantastic Four Comics series and he took out the team alone through a series of Batman-like advanced plans and traps in his debut itself. T’Challa always thought of the welfare of his people first, so when he became the Black Panther, he thought of testing his strengths against some worthy opponents. This is why he used the Fantastic Four as his fight dummies.

Defeated Iron Man by Shutting his heart

Iron Man had to take on the king of Wakanda once in a fight against him in a paradox version of a story. The story ended with Panther showing the lengths he would go to if need be, as he employed some stealthy technology that essentially shut down Iron Man’s artificial heart!

He agreed to brainwash Captain America

During the events of New Avengers, Black Panther reformed the Illuminati team in order to fulfill his own certain intentions. He along with this team decided to bring an end to the Incursions that were destroying parallel universes. They managed to stop the destruction of one universe with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet, but in the process, they ended up losing the Infinity Gems. So, the team had to come up with new strategies to halt these Incursions and since Cap was a member of their team as well, he did not agree to the plans they were coming up with. As a solution, Black Panther agreed to brainwash him to get things done.

He annulled his marriage with Storm without telling her

Storm and Panther are one of the most famous couples in the Marvel Comics lore. During the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, Black Panther and Storm found each other on the opposite sides of the battle. The People of Wakanda could not forgive Storm for this and Black Panther also took this as a betrayal and thus annulled their marriage himself without even telling her.

Then he told Storm about this while fighting her

The first volume of the event finally brought BP and Storm face to face, as Phoenix had devastated Wakanda and Storm came to check on these people along with Namor. Panther then very coldly told her that these people were not hers anymore, and she has to stop coming to Wakanda as he had annulled their marriage. Utterly heartbroken, Storm had to accept this.

Attacked Divine Justice

Queen Divine Justice eventually took a spot in the coveted Dora Milaje for both her protection and the reestablishment of her people in Wakanda as she was a part of the outcast Jabari tribe. She, later on, fell in love with Vibraxas while serving as the King’s Bodyguard. She did not reveal the fact to Vibraxas that she is, in fact, a part of Dora Milaje. In a fight between, Black Panther and Vibraxas, Man-Ape then ended up destroying the future Black Panther who was being held in a cryogenic state. T’Challa then hallucinated and attempted to Kill Queen Divine as he thought she was in fact Magneto.

Agreed to launch The Hulk into space

When T’Challa joined the Illuminati, the team faced the problem of Hulk getting out of control time after time. The team brainstormed solutions to get rid of the Hulk problem as the destruction he caused was immense. Surprisingly, Black Panther voted to shoot his own friend out into space in order to get S.H.I.E.L.D. off of their backs.

Accidentally brought Fantastic Four to an Apocalypse   

King Solomon’s Frogs, termed as treasured relics in Wakanda often used to bring a lot of sufferings to the ones we used them. Once, Black Panther sent himself along with Storm and The Fantastic Four on an unusual trip while using this relic. On their journey, Zombified Marvel heroes known as Galactic met them and eventually destroyed the entire planet including Black Panther and company.

What he did to Sabretooth

In the comics, Sabretooth worked as an assassin for Magneto who is Black Panther’s longtime enemy. Magneto sent Sabretooth to take down Black Panther. Fighting the king in Wakanda, Black Panther used Sabretooth’s weakness to his advantage and decapitated his head. He did not just stop at this as he sent Sabretooth’s  severed head to Magneto. This was the most ruthless thing BP has ever done!

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