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4 Ways Captain America vs Red Guardian Could Happen in the MCU Now

Red Guardian is Russia’s first super-soldier. Basically, he’s the Russian reply to the US’s Captain America. David Harbor’s Red Guardian was finally seen in Marvel’s Black Widow. Alexei Shostakov first debuted in 1967’s The Avengers #43 and was initially KGB’s test pilot. But a good one at that. In the movie, Alexei is in prison and tells his inmates about his fight with Captain America. He might as well be talking about a different Cap because fighting Steve Rogers in the MCU was not a possibility. Throughout the movie, Alexei kept keeping himself on the same level as Captain America. But now, it looks like Kevin Feige himself wants to see the Red Guardian fight Captain America in the MCU. So, here 4 ways Captain America vs Red Guardian could happen in the MCU now.

1. Red Guardian vs. Sam Wilson’s Captain America

During Black Widow’s watch party, Feige went active on Marvel Studios’ Twitter page. While answering fan questions, he said “I’d like to see that.. how about you guys?” when asked if he’s want to see Sam’s Cap vs. Alexei’s Guardian. Now considering that Anthony Mackie’s Captain America is getting a solo flick of his own, an encounter with Harbour’s Red Guardian is pretty much possible. Captain America 4 is in the works and Anthony Mackie is set to lead the movie. The plot details are obviously under the wraps as of now, but we can soon expect to see the pot stirring.

Apart from this, Mackie’s Captain America is the most viable option for Red Guardian to encounter. Speaking of recurring characters from Black Widow, Feige was interested in seeing Rick Mason and Red Guardian. So, Alexei and Sam are here to stay, and it would actually be interesting to see two loudmouths going toe-to-toe. And in Feige’s words, there’s a story to tell when it comes to Red Guardian. So let’s see where it goes from here.

2. Old Man Steve Returns and Fights Red Guardian

Captain America vs Red Guardian

Steve Rogers went back in time in Avengers: Endgame to live the rest of his life with Peggy Carter. However, an old Steve Rogers turned up and gave his shield to Sam Wilson in the right hopes that he will carry on the legacy. But speaking of Red Guardian and the whole multiverse now in play, it’s a possibility that Old Steve might return and fight against Red Guardian. It sure sounds like a long shot, but it’s expected considering Marvel’s love for surprises.

3. Young Steve Rogers vs. Red Guardian

The Disney+ series Loki has now unleashed the multiverse and the madness it comes with. So if we were to theorize, then a younger Steve Rogers can actually turn up and take on the Red Guardian. However, in the comics, both the super-soldiers have had an encounter. Avengers #43 had Steve Rogers lead Earth’s mightiest heroes to a Chinese military base, where a KGB agent, Red Guardian was also present. They were all seeking the psychotron machine. They went head-to-head, but their duel was interrupted by Red Guardian’s comrade. With no surprise, Steve was taking the lead as he can “do it all day.”

Now, taking the MCU into the account, they might not take the same storyline. We saw that Old Steve left his reality and came to the main reality to pass the shield to Sam. So, what if the younger version of this Steve jumps to the original MCU timeline for a mission. During this, he could encounter the Red Guardian and still take him to church. What if this dual is what Alexie was talking about in prison? That would be crazy! Anway, a duel between the two super-soldiers will definitely allow for a lot of viewership.

4. Steve Rogers vs. Red Guardian 2.0

Captain America vs Red Guardian

After Steve decided to start a life with Agent Carter, he created a new branch timeline in the 50s. So considering that Steve stayed in that timeline, he probably became active as Captain America because it is really tough to keep Steve out of the fight. So looking at his existence and prowess, the Russians would come up with their own answer to Captain America, i.e. the Red Guardian. Now that Marvel is reportedly producing some more projects with Chris Evans, Steve Rogers’ life in an alternate timeline could be explored. And this is where he might fight the Red Guardian (who may or may not be played by David Harbour).

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