10 Goofy VFX Movie Mistakes That You Missed

VFX Movie Mistakes:

Using special effects have become a common tool for many filmmakers nowadays. But only a handful of them is successful in using them well. Wrong or over-utilization of CGI and VFX can get a movie severely trolled by the audience. More and more directors rush in productions and depend on VFX for the minutest errors, thus delivering a flawed outcome. Some blunders like Superman’s chin in Justice League reverberate in our minds for years while other errors go unnoticed due to the short-time on the screen. Find out the movie gaffes in Hollywood that fans missed.

 1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1 and 2

Twilight Saga was appreciated for its CGI experiments except for one. The internet was flooding with fans who were creeped out by the CGI baby Renesmee. Some even called the baby “digital abomination”. The baby couldn’t look more animated.

 2. Frozen

Both Frozen and its song “Let it Go” saved a special place in our hearts. But you won’t be watching the phenomenal song in the same way again. As Elsa lets her hair down and flips the braid to her chest, it cut straight through her shoulder, defying reality. So much so for attention to detail for Disney!

 3. Avatar

James Cameron is one of the biggest geniuses of Hollywood who made iconic films like Avatar, Titanic, Terminator, Aliens, and Alita: Battle Angel. It was very less likely of Cameron to miss such an obvious detail. In Avatar, the native of Pandora was pretty larger than humans. Considering that they were about 9-10 ft tall, we can’t comprehend how Jake’s hand was the same size as Neytiri’s.

 4. Justice League

Henry Cavill’s upper lip wasn’t the only goof up in Justice League. Rushing the movie in such a restricted time resulted in plenty of CGI mistakes. One of them was the cornfield where Superman ran into Lois. Poor CGI gave away the digitally created cornfield and it was evident that the love birds never set their feet in any field.

 5. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter movies were widely lauded for the book adaption and for sticking to minor details. Warner Bros. and the makers took years to develop a world like Harry Potter’s by gathering the best of creative artists. But in all this, they missed one CGI error. We could easily spot a CGI Harry when it was lolling by the Troll’s shoulder. However, the digital team isn’t to be blamed due to the confined tech-resources in those days.

 6. Star Wars Episode 2 Attack Of The Clones

Star Wars prequel was brutally criticized for exploding unnecessary CGI on our faces. As arresting as the digital effects are, over-using them can render a movie meaningless. In a particular scene, a vast number of digital heads were replaced and scattered all over the screen.

 7. Jurassic Park

This error was a ‘blink and you miss it’ moment and was therefore missed by the audience. When T-Rex comes to Allen, Tim and the others’ rescue and pounds on a Velociraptor, the latter disappears for a brief second.

 8. Spider-Man

Sam Raimi infused special effects for several moments in Spider-Man and he was right to do so. But in his fondness for aesthetics, the director turned a blind eye to science and reality. Spider-Man swinging in the air with Mary Jane in slo-mo looked phenomenal but had a tiny error. Mary’s hair was blowing in the complete opposite direction. Well, nobody cares that much, as long as it looked romantic.

 9. Watchmen

Even though the CGI in the movie was lauded by both audience and critics, there was a gaffe that most of us missed. Doctor Manhattan’s blue light glows and reflects on everyone except for Nite Owl. Instead of the light, we could spot Billy Crudup’s reflection in the motion capture suit.

 10. Toy Story

The purpose of watching animated movies is to turn off our minds and dive into the story. That’s why many little plot-holes and digital goof-ups go unnoticed. One of them happened when Woody’s friends were able to dislodge the light bulb from a hole that was too small for it to pass through.

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