10 Mistakes of Loki That We Should Learn From

The MCU sort of had a problem in the beginning to create interesting villains. Loki was the best bad guy of Phase 1. He is a complex and sympathetic character who can be effectively menacing. With time, fans started to see him more as just a villain. Loki has his own solo series on the way. Looks like it is a good time to look back on his journey on MCU and see how much he has grown. With things that he had been through and the incredible arc he’s had, fans can learn so much from Loki’s triumphs and mistakes.

1. Never compare your life to other people

Loki had a very big chip on his shoulder since the beginning in the MCU. He was a powerful God living in Asgard as the son of Odin. He always felt like he was living in the shadow of his more powerful brother. Loki also doesn’t want to rule Asgard but he wants a fraction of the attention that Thor received from their father. His obsession to prove himself to be a more worthy son of Odin leads him down a dark path from where he cannot escape.

2. Talking too much can put you in trouble

Loki is very clever and the smartest at the same time. He is well aware of how to manipulate people without even knowing what is happening. But since he is effective in that sort of thing, he seems to meet his match with Natasha Romanoff. After getting captured by the Avengers, Natasha interrogates Loki. He instantly turns the tables on her. He threatens her and makes her appear small in comparison to him. But this ends up being a ploy since Loki gets too arrogant and ends up inadvertently giving up his actual plan.

3. Admit if you make a mistake

The saddest thing about Loki is that it feels like he was never meant to be a villain. He accidentally stumbled into that role. After he tried to prove himself to Odin, he gets it in his head that he would become a conqueror and sets his sights on Earth. When Loki brings the army of Chitauri to Earth, it is clear that he sees what a disaster this would lead to. Maybe Loki knew that this was getting over his head but felt since he had already come too far. If he had admitted his mistake, he could have saved lives and avoided becoming a villain.

4. Don’t underestimate the underdog

Since Asgardians are gods, Loki and Thor have large egos. This causes Thor to charge into a battle without a second thought. This gives Loki a feeling of superiority, mainly when he comes to Earth. When Loki arrives on Earth, clearly he sees it as a planet of weak humans who can be easily conquered by him. Definitely, Loki underestimates the guardians of the Earth. The Avengers instantly made Loki look very foolish for looking down on them.

5. People will always catch on

Loki is a conniving character. It becomes a running joke in the MCU that he will surely betray Thor, no matter how much he pretends to be the good guy. Thor is always not the brightest of heroes and so it is not surprising that every time, he falls for it. But Loki looks to be a little hazy with his normal tricks and backstabbing. He assumes Thor would keep falling for it. But in Thor: Ragnarok, clearly Thor has figured his brother out. He instantly calls out Loki’s tricks and also catches him off guard at times. This proves to Loki that if you trick someone more often, they will eventually stop trusting you.

6. Family doesn’t have to be biological

As we saw in the first Thor movie, Loki discovers the truth about his past. He gets to know that he is not truly the son of Odin. As a baby Frost Giant, Loki was abandoned but he was saved and taken by Odin. But Loki considers himself as an outsider who doesn’t actually belong in this family. It is one of those factors that take Loki in a dark path in his misguided quest for acceptance. It is not till Odin dies and Loki reconciles with Thor. He accepts the fact that he had a family all along and they truly loved him.

7. It is never too late to change

Loki is a kind of villain who kept us guessing if he was going to turn out good or bad towards the end. There was a time where he might have been heading down a path of redemption. But he did something mischievous and became selfish once again. In Thor: Ragnarok, Loki is ready to accept that he is evil and there is no turning back on him. But Thor reminds him that is a choice he made and there is still time to change. It is true that Loki waits until pretty much the last moment as he would soon be killed by Thanos. But he proves that there is still some innate goodness left in him.

8. Never make deals with dangerous people

Loki likes to think that he is the one in charge. But he also finds it important to align himself with a few dangerous people. While trying to conquer Earth, he asks for the help of Thanos. Thanos offers him an army in exchange for giving him one of the Infinity Stones. Definitely, Loki tries to get out of the deal and avoids Thanos for some time. Eventually, the past catches up with him. After taking the stone he was owed, Thanos kills Loki and proves himself the more powerful villain.

9. Be ready to make an immediate exit

Loki dying in Avengers: Infinity War and still getting his own solo series speaks about his sly nature. During the time heist to reverse Thanos’s snap in Avengers: Endgame, the heroes go back in time to the Battle of New York where Loki was captured by the Avengers. Ant-Man and Iron Man tried to steal back the Tesseract. But chaos ensures and the artifact is knocked loose falling directly at the feet of Loki. Since he never misses a chance to squirm his way out of a situation, he instantly grabs the Tesseract and transports himself out of there.

10. Be one step ahead of others

Loki betrays a lot of people. This is why he has more enemies than anyone else in MCU.  He is wanted by the good guys and the bad guys. But he manages to cheat death. This is because he always plans ahead. A few of his shenanigans are impromptu. But Loki is clever about being one step ahead of others. When the Avengers capture him, it is a part of his ploy to break them apart. He joins Thor to fight the Dark Elves and uses the opportunity to fake his own death. This kind of pre-planning makes Loki a survivor.

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