WandaVision: What Happened to White Vision in the Finale?


WandaVision has concluded its run on Disney+. The show is a hit and has successfully jumpstarted Marvel’s Phase 4. The finale has left the viewers in a dubious position. Marvel is often known for cliffhangers. But WandaVision was the epitome of cliffhangers. The reason for that could be Marvel’s entire 2021 slate that WandaVision has set. Everything that follows after WandaVision, will be comparatively as good as the start was.

The fans have a lot of questions. One of them is, what happened to Vision? Where is he? It was revealed during Agatha and Wanda’s battle that Hex Vision, Tommy (Jett Klyne), and Billy (Julian Hilliard) are tied to Wanda’s Westview spell. If she tries to free Westview of her magical hex, Hex Vision, Tommy, and Billy will all die. But Wanda is a hero. She chose to make the ultimate sacrifice. She removed the Hex, and her family was gone. In that final goodbye moment to Vision, it was revealed that Wanda has particles of the Mind Stone in her.

What Happened to White Vision in the Finale?

In an epic moment, White Vision and Vision collide. The two Visions took to the skies for an incendiary battle that just proved how equally matched, er, two Visions could be in a fight. So Hex Vision switched up strategies and decided to get into White Vision’s head by stating he was only a “Conditional Vision.” White Vision asked him to explain and we got a rather nerdy discussion about the Ship of Theseus. When White Vision lamented he didn’t have the Mind Stone (that granted Vision humanity) or his memories, Hex Vision explained that the memory data had to be somewhere in his code. Using the Mind Stone-magic coursing through him, Hex Vision helped unlock these memories for White Vision.

In a split second, Hex Vision takes the opportunity to open them up, revealing a quick montage of the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War. After this, his eyes transform to be more like the original Vision with him then proclaiming “I am Vision,” and flying away to places unknown. Perhaps he’s gone to the locations that are now fresh in his mind from his memories, or maybe he just needed to find a place to think about all the complexities.

What Happened to White Vision in the Finale?

White Vision only has memories of the films, leading up to and ending with his death in Avengers: Infinity War. However, these memories were enough to snap him out of Hayward’s control. He no longer sees Wanda as an enemy and he rejects the mission to be a sentient weapon. The last we see of White Vision is him declaring himself to be Vision and zooming out of town.

In a conversation with Esquire, Bettany gave a cryptic response to his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bettany said, “Well, fuck. How do I do this without spoilers?” he said. “I guess we’ve seen what happens to Wanda when love is taken away from her. And I wonder what that would look like with Vision… I mean, that’s the thing, right? I’ve never had a loved one to lose… I don’t know what grief is because I’ve never had a loved one to lose. There is so much to get into with him because it’s been ten minutes here, ten minutes there, in the movies. Now we’re sort of just starting to sort of peel back some stuff.” We could find out who Vision is without Wanda. Armed with the memories of his double death, maybe he even has unfinished business in the universe.

What Happened to White Vision in the Finale?

Potentially, he’ll try to ensure that the Infinity Stones are never used for bad again. Or he’ll go searching for Wanda, who seems a little MIA right now in her Walden, cabin-in-the-middle-of-nowhere situation. White Vision has a lot to process right now. White Vision has to process 5 years of memory, till the moment where he was killed by Thanos. With all the memories, we can expect White Vision to be still a little human. It is still better than being a deadly weapon. White Vision does not look at Wanda as an enemy anymore.

It is still unclear as to how the White Vision will reappear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, we can finally expect to see a story that Vision leads solely. This character development will be really interesting to see. Moreover, we are looking forward to his interaction with Wanda again somewhere down the line. It will also interesting to see his addition to the Avengers in the future. Before the Hex Vision said goodbye, it was clearly hinted that we will see him again.

What Happened to White Vision in the Finale?

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