10 Plot Holes In Superhero Movies That Fans Pointed Out

The entertainment industry for many years has been influenced by comic books and soon we saw a rise in the number of movies made around the stories in the comic books with an adaptation to the real world. Comic book-based movies do offer the thrill of several comics in one feature film, but many times they are not able to connect the dots linking to the thing called logic. Directors often get so engrossed in creating these action and suspense-filled masterpieces, that a lot of times they kind of neglect any kind of reasoning or logic which might end up creating a plot hole in the movie, that may not be easily explained. Here is a list of major plot holes in some spectacular comic books-based movies.


Superman Can Turn Back Time

In the rendition of the Superman movie played by Christopher Reeve, at the end of the movie we see Superman flying in anger into the earth’s orbit and flies at speeds exceeding the speed of light and reversing the earth rotation for a particular period while reversing time on planet earth and saving Lois Lane from the danger she was about to face off. If Superman already has this ability, why does he not do this every time any bad thing that happens on earth and save the people in danger?


In Suicide Squad Who Is Shooting Down The Choppers

When Amanda Waller is leaving the city in a military chopper, while the pilots employ flares to mask their escape from any heat-seeking missiles. Then who shoots down the chopper on its way out? Even when the chopper is coming in with the suicide squad.


Bane If Trying To Play The Stock Market

Plot Holes In Superhero Movies

In the movie we see Ras Al’Ghul’s offspring, take down the entire stock market by registering an intangible buy-in and shooting up the Stock Market. Was that an attempt to crash the stock market or make Bruce Wayne go bankrupt? How was it possible for them to sustain a nuclear fusion reactor in a moving truck for 3 months without the use of any kind of cooling equipment.


Ant-Man Is Light As A Feather

In the movie Ant-Man, we heard Hank Pym clear out the theory behind the Pym particle which reduces the distance between molecules and help the person wearing the suit to grow large or reduce to the size of an ant, without any loss in the mass of the person or object, which allows the tiny person throw a super strong punch. But if that is the case, then why is Scott Lang still able to run on people’s bodies, ride an ant that is ideally supposed to crush both the latter ones. And let’s not even start with the Tank Hank Pym has as a part of his key chain.


Wonder Woman’s Master Plan

Plot Holes In Superhero Movies
Plot Holes In Superhero Movies

In Justice League’s Batman vs Superman, Diana knows that Lex Luthor has one of her old pictures from World War I in possession. So, she crashes at a charity function hosted by Lex and Luckily for her Batman is there with his high-tech gadgets and scrubs off all the data from the server onto a device, which then Diana steals from him, but is still not able to bypass the encryption put in place by Lex Luthor. So, what was her plan if batman would not have shown up at the fundraising?


Dr. Octopus Brilliant Scheme

In Spider-Man 2, with Toby Maguire as the lead actor, we see Dr. Octavius going to Harry Osborn looking for more Unobtanium. Harry responds to the Doc by telling him he needs Spider-Man in exchange for the Unobtanium that he needs. On further inquiry by Dr. Octavius, he is given Peter Parker’s name as the lead to reach Spider-Man. During his rendezvous with Peter, the Doc threw a car at Peter while he was not looking. But Peter was able to save himself and MJ from the car using his spider-sense and without giving away any hints to Dr. Octavius about his real identity. The loop in this story is if the doc wanted to get information from Peter then throwing a car at him would have killed a normal human being and any information with Spider-Man would be lost forever.


Spider-Man 3, The Butler Could Have Spoken Earlier

Plot Holes In Superhero Movies
Plot Holes In Superhero Movies

In the Spider-Man 3 movie, we find out that while cleaning the wounds of his master Norman Osborn, the butler discovered the real reason for Norman’s demise. But he still decided to stay quiet till the end. If he would have spoken about it soon enough, everything bad that had happened in the movie would not have happened and everything could have been avoided.


Black Panther Could Have Told The Truth

Black Panther 2 Villains

In the movie Black Panther, we witness Killmonger return to Wakanda with Klaw’s dead body and challenge the Black Panther for his throne. If Black Panther at that point told the council, that it was Killmonger who had aided the escape of Klaw, because of which he was not able to bring Klaw back to Wakanda. T’challa would not have had to go through the entire ordeal.


Wolverine Cannot Climb

Well, if his body was not coated with the adamantium metal, then probably yes he could have been able to climb almost anything. But, with the adamantium metal covering his claws and making them the perfect instruments for a claw, the adamantium that covered his entire body increases the total weight of his body. The sharpness of the adamantium may allow him to pierce any surface but because of his heavy bodyweight and gravity pulling him down, the claws will rip a new tear in the wall every time Wolverine tries to climb any surface. No matter how high he jumps on the wall and in addition to that his claws would have to be impaled at an angle to avoid him from falling off the wall into the ground and all this while ensuring that the claws do not rip through the material of the wall being used to keep the climber in position, especially if he is on a reconnaissance mission.


Joker’s Flawless Driving

Plot Holes In Superhero Movies
Plot Holes In Superhero Movies

In the Dark Knight, we witness Heath Ledger’s Joker drive a school bus through the corner of a bank while taking down two adjacent walls in the process. All this happens in broad daylight and then, later on, moves on to join in the line of the school bus, without anyone raising the slightest concern about several issues. Firstly, are the kids inside the bus safe? Well, it is a school bus correct? secondly is anyone hurt inside the bank because a complete length long school bus just took out the cashier counter and finally the most riveting questions of them all will someone call the cops and report the number of the bus and raise an alarm to the authorities about the kind of stunts that are being pulled in broad daylight in the streets of Gotham?


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