10 Movies Trashed By Critics That Were A Smash At The Box Office

Film critics often analyze multiple aspects of the film starting from the plot, the cinematography, casting, acting, music, editing, and many more. While an average person only cares about what the movie makes them feel, and how it entertains them. It is not their job to critically analyze a film, and so they only focus on the enjoyment. This is why film critics and film watchers do not always agree. Sometimes they even have polarising views about a film. Here’s a list of 10 films that were trashed by the critics but were a smash at the box office.

Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit

Sister Act 2 d Back In The Habit got a critics rating of 19% on rotten tomatoes, while the audience score was 75%. Critics have trashed the film saying that the film lacked a creative story and how even a talented and young cast couldn’t save the film. Nonetheless, the audience is drawn in by the music in the film and the film grossed $57.3 million on a $38 million budget.

 Sweet November

About Sweet November, critics have said that the movie was broken by a lack of chemistry between its two lead actors Kiana Reeves and Charlize Theron. The film has a critic‘s rating of 15% and an audience rating of 76%. Sweet November had a budget of $40 million but grossed $65 million at the box office.

God’s Not Dead

The plot of God’s Not Dead is rather controversial where Adiba and Christian College student is challenged by his professor that God is real or has failed the class. Mike McCahill, a BBC film critic said, “ban this six-film”. On the other hand, fans state that the film is an accurate representation of the Christian experience. God’s Not Dead had a budget of $2 million and crossed $64 million.


The plot of Venom revolves around an investigative journalist who becomes the host of an alien symbiote, and the two work and share a body together. Critics called the film predictable and that without Spiderman, Venom is not worth the watch. Critics rated it with a score of 29%, while fans made the score rise to 81%. Venom had a budget of $100 million, but the film grossed $856 million.

Harlem Nights

Harlem Nights has a celebrated cast with legendary comedians Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Red Foxx, and the singer-actor Della Reese. The critics called the film boring, bashed Murphy’s direction and rated this movie at 21% while fans raised the rating to a glorious 80%. Harlem nights had a budget of $30 million and grossed $95 million.

 Bad Boys II

Bad Boys II Is bars by the critics because of excessive glorification of violence. in a film about two detectives investigating a drug ring. Quite expectedly, fans appreciated the loud action in the film even though the critics later date 23%, fans rated the film at 78%.

 Suicide Squad

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Even though the critics praised suicide squads casting, they criticized the production, in cohesive plot, and the lack of character and story development. On the other hand, fans are excited about Jared Leto playing the role of Joker and enjoy his chemistry with Harley Quinn who was played by Margot Robbie. Suicide squad is that I am that 26% on rotten tomatoes, but the overall rating by fans of the movie stands at 59%. The film had a budget of $175 million and grossed $746 million, which is to say it was a box office hit.

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman

This film received a rating of 16% from the critics and Sharp criticism for being consistent in terms of its elements and for having too much going on in the film. With the audience rating standing at 87% and appreciated the movie for its accurate depiction of the black culture in the dramedy. Diary Of A Mad Black Woman was made with a $5 million budget and crossed $50 million.

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Critics called Hannah Montana: The movie a generic coming of age story. It is no surprise that I didn’t enjoy the film as it was made to tap into the already existing fan base of Hannah Montana. Go to critics rating of 43% and an audience rating of 67%. I am with a $30 million budget, the film made $155 million.

Step Up

Step Up

Step up is a dance romantic flick, the plot of which revolves around the privileged being pitted against the underprivileged. Critics have ranked the film at 20% while fans have taken it up to 85%. It was made with a $12 million budget, which brought home $114 million.

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