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20 Moments of Paul Rudd Which Made Him The Best Casting Ever Done By Marvel

Paul Rudd is an exceptionally talented actor in the Hollywood who also never age. And then Marvel cast him as Ant-Man which proved to be the perfect role for him. We totally loved him and so here we brought you some of the amazing moments of Paul Rudd which made him the best casting ever done by the Marvel:

1. Never Let This Die!!

2. Mystical Powers!!

3. Best Disguise Ever!!

4. Bright Purple Phone Case!!

5. LOL!!

6. Super Cute!!

 7. Wins Our Heart!!

8. Good Lord!!

9. His Dance Moves!!

10. Exactly!!

11. It Totally Does!!

12. And Again!!

13. Expand Inside!!

14. Absolutely!!

15. Lost Opportunity!!

16. We Love Him!!

17. Get Them Both!!

18. How Stupid!!

19. Look At His Face!!

20. Same Energy!!

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