10 Blunders That Spoiled Good Movie Scenes

Most movie blunders are easily excused because they’re hardly obvious and minutely affect the overall story. But sometimes these blunders are so massive that they ensure you’ll never see a given scene, the same way ever again if not an entire movie. While these 10 blunders may have been in front of you this entire time, once you become aware of them, they become unbearable to ignore, serving as permanent pieces of evidence to the faults of the world’s most talented moviemakers. These preposterous continuity errors, hilariously visible crew members, troubling animation slipups, serve to break the audience’s immersion in the most significant and shocking way possible.


Pulp Fiction

Well one of the best movies to date, witnessed the biggest blunder. Just before Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) are about to get fired at by a gangster for executing Brett (Frank Whaley). A closer look at the screen would reveal that there are already bullet holes in the wall from the ones which were supposed to miss Vincent & Jules.



Blunders Spoiled Good Movie Scenes
Blunders Spoiled Good Movie Scenes

In this movie Nicholas Cage gets out of his car to, inquire with one of the officers if everything was okay. It is at this moment that the officer is seen running for cover as if he has seen a ghost. But as Cage turns and the shot pans along with his field of view, the CGI plane emerges from the right to where Nicholas had just turned a 180° at. Kind of the wrong direction to look at when a big plane is coming crashing down on you, isn’t it?


Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame Battle Features 2 Cull Obsidians

In the Endgame, we witness Ant-Man and Wasp enter the van, to activate the quantum tunnel. During this time, outside T’Challa is seen taking the infinity gauntlet from Clint and make his way towards the van. All this point of time, when Black Panther is seen jumping off a few Chitahuri. And at the back, Ant-Man is seen trying to put a Chitahuri flying monster through a portal created by Doctor Strange. It has to be a glitch, or if it is Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), how can it be possible that the Russo’s did not even show him even for a second?



Blunders Spoiled Good Movie Scenes
Blunders Spoiled Good Movie Scenes

The narrative of the popular song, registered a very bizarre and odd blunder, in the song as Elsa undoes her hair, it seemed to teleport through her shoulder. It defied all laws of time and space. It was either she had flicked her hair that fast or the hair had a mind of its own.


The Terminator

James Cameron’s work with the Terminator was a low-budget marvel that is cherished till today. In the movie, however, there are times when the crew members have been spotted, trying to make the movie look spectacular. Especially in the scene where the T-800 is trying to break in through the factory door, the scene just before the T-800 puts his hands through the door. One can see the animatronics guy working the robot.


The Dark Knight Rises

Blunders Spoiled Good Movie Scenes
Blunders Spoiled Good Movie Scenes

In the movie, when Batman (Christian Bale) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) are taking on bane’s goons. An actor to the extreme left of the screen is seen stopping in his tracks and stumbling back, without even being hit by Batman.


North by Northwest

The legendary thriller movie witnessed a slight blooper by a young extra. Just before Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) shoots the hero Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant), a young kid is seen plugging his ears with his tiny fingers. Probably, he was tired of the reshoots that had taken place and did not want any more of the loud noises.



In the movie Braveheart, some eagle-eyed viewers witnessed things that were not mean to be a part of that era. In the movie when the English cavalry are seen charging towards William Wallace (Mel Gibson) and his men, in one particular scene, one could see a white car parked to the extreme left side of the screen behind the racing horseman.


Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Part 2

The final chapter of the Harry Potter franchise witnessed the death of Snape (Alan Rickman), which made the scene very emotional. Just before passing on Snape tells Harry that he has his mother’s eyes. In an attempt to understand what Snape was talking about, Harry draws out Snape’s memories to have a look at them in the Pensieve. It is here that Harry is taken to a flashback where Snape is shown loving Lily and carrying for her from a very young age. But the thing that is different about the girl is her eyes, they are not blue like Harry’s, and even the adult version of his mother that is played by Geraldine Somerville.


The Wizard of Oz

Blunders Spoiled Good Movie Scenes
Blunders Spoiled Good Movie Scenes

In the movie, we witness the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger) tease the apple trees, who in retaliation try hitting him with the apples they had on their branches. In one particular scene when the scarecrow takes a fall, we can witness Dorothy (Judy Garland) not wearing her infamous ruby shoes.


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