• MoviesDeadpool Disney And MCU Characters

    10 Times Deadpool Poked Fun At Disney And MCU Characters

    Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool wasn’t a part of the mogul Disney until recently after it took over Fox Studios. Unlike other X-Men characters, Deadpool instantly became a fan favorite for its goofiness and wit. Even since the merc got a mouth, he hasn’t spared anyone, including Ryan’s embarrassing Green Lantern, from his attacks. Don’t know if Wade Wilson will show the…

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  • MoviesCharacters Turned Out To Be Villains

    10 Kind-Hearted Characters Who Turned Out To Be Villains

    How many times were you fooled by the bad guys in your childhood stories and detective novels? Writers and directors love to throw us on a loop with these plot twists. They create a character that appears to be benevolent or extremely meek or foolish in the beginning but is later revealed as the puppet master of chaos. Weren’t you…

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  • MoviesIncredibles 2 Frozen

    ‘Incredibles 2’ Deleted Scene Reveals Frozen’s Wife Honey

    Incredibles 2 has been a great success at the box office and one of the most famous and popular characters of this series is undoubtedly ‘Frozen’, the man whose real name is Lucius Best. He is the best friend of Mr. Incredible and has an extremely powerful ability to create ice and can freeze surfaces with his hands. We have…

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