‘Incredibles 2’ Deleted Scene Reveals Frozen’s Wife Honey

Incredibles 2 has been a great success at the box office and one of the most famous and popular characters of this series is undoubtedly ‘Frozen’, the man whose real name is Lucius Best. He is the best friend of Mr. Incredible and has an extremely powerful ability to create ice and can freeze surfaces with his hands. We have seen a lot of him in both the parts but couldn’t get a chance to see his wife. The deleted scene from the movie Incredibles 2 is revolving all over the internet which features Frozen’s wife, Honey (Kimberley Adair Clark).

Incredibles 2 Frozen

We all heard the voice of Frozen’s wife ‘Honey’ for the very first time in the movie ‘The Incredibles’ which came out in 2004. In that scene, we saw that Frozen is calling his wife for handing him his suit as soon as possible in order to help Parr family in stopping the destruction they’re facing in their city which is led by supervillain Underminer (John Ratzenberger).

Incredibles 2 Frozen

The writer/director of the movie said,

“We thought that it might be fun if we introduced a person that you learn, over the course of the scene, is Honey, You see someone reacting to something outside, and the first thing that she does, is she presses a remote and the wall turns around, and everyone will go, ‘Oh! This is Frozone’s apartment that must be Honey!’ But we felt that we, A, stayed away from the big action scene too long, and that we were killing the momentum that we were gaining by having the big action scene. And B, we also ultimately decided the off-camera-ness of it is part of the joke. And then Honey can be, kind of, anyone you imagine her to be.”

Incredibles 2 Frozen

The video is shared below for you and you can see it all here:

There are a lot of new changes and characters in the movie and we all have seen an Aunt Edna small-movie, in which we find that Fashion Designer Edna Mode (voice of that Bird) acting well as the babysitter of super-powerful baby Jack-Jack Parr, the baby is blessed with a lot of super strengths and also some limitless powers at his disposal also. We also have nine deleted scenes with good introductions; in the disc, we can also find some great featurettes and mini-documentaries, which will give you an insight into the hard work they put in the making of both films.

Incredibles 2 Frozen

The movie was directed by Brad Bird and has been a tremendous success at the box office, if we take a look towards the success of the first film ‘The Incredibles’, then we find that the movie collected a sum of $633 million worldwide in total in comparison of the budget of $92 million. The movie won two Academy Awards and also the prestigious Annie Award for Best Animated Feature. Also, the movie was the first full-animated movie in order to win the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

Incredibles 2 Frozen

The sequel of the movie turned out to be an even more successful and interesting than the first one as the movie managed to earn a sum of $1.2 billion worldwide, which make it the fourth-highest grossing film of 2018. Also, the second highest-grossing animated movie and the 16th highest-grossing movie of all-time. The movie also became the highest-grossing animated film domestically and became the fastest animated movie to gross the title of $1 billion.

Incredibles 2 Frozen

The movie tuned out to be an impressive one and if we talk about the next part of the movie then the Producer of the movie said, 

It always felt like a sequel made sense. It’s just that kind of movie. When it looks like the family might be able to use their powers again and be crimefighters…what are they gonna do next? You do wonder it at the end of the film.”

Incredibles 2 Deleted Scene Frozen

The good news is that the scene is going to come out in the home release of the movie, as on October 23 it’ll come down in Digital HD but in 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray fans have to wait till November 6.

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