6 Celebrities Who Have Survived Near Death Accidents 

Accidents have a high propensity to change the lives of those involved. More often than not, these changes are for the worse. Accidents involving celebrities are not any different. From minor changes such as injuries that heal in weeks to more permanent changes such as amputations and paralysis, the effects of accidents can be very catastrophic. 

Car accidents are much more common due to the frequency of vehicle use. The damages that come with car accidents are also humongous. Here is a list of celebrities whose lives changed entirely after an accident.

Which Celebrities Have Survived Near-Death Accidents?

1. Niki Taylor

In April 2001, Supermodel Niki Taylor luckily survived a car accident in which she suffered a collapsed lung, liver damage, several internal injuries, and left her with two steel rods in her back.

Despite years of recovery and various procedures to restore her health to its former state, she suffers permanent numbness on one side of her leg and her arm. This limits her ability to stay on her feet for a long time.

2. Tracy Morgan

An accident with his Limo bus in 2014 is one that Tracy Morgan lives to remember. The car crash involving his car and a Walmart truck left him nursing many broken bones and severe traumatic brain injuries. 

The accident also cost him the life of James McNair, one of his closest friends. Tracy Morgan sued Walmart and was compensated for his losses.

3. Gloria Estefan

The Multi-Grammy winner’s career came to a sudden halt after a truck crashed into the back of her tour bus. The accident left her with shattered vertebrae, which required titanium rods to be fused to her spine. The singer-songwriter has since regained walking ability and is learning to cope with the new changes in her life.

4. Olivia Jackson

The beautiful actress and “Resident Evil” stunt performer was involved in a motorcycle accident while performing a dangerous stunt during Resident Evil’s filming in 2015. The accident was so terrible, it almost cost her life. It tore off half of her face, ruptured arteries, and caused her multiple fractures.

Her injuries were so intense that she had to have her arm amputated. The accident also left her with a twisted spine, permanently dislocated shoulder, a severed thumb, and paralysis in the top left quarter of her body. She has since received compensation for her injuries.

5. Erick Roberts

In 1981, Julia Robert’s brother, Erick Roberts narrowly escaped death in a car accident. Unfortunately, the accident left him with broken bones, a severely bruised brain, and facial trauma. One of the less negative impacts of his accident is the villain roles he plays due to his new facial features.

6. Rachel Bilson

While she was still 14, The O.C.” star Rachel Bilson was involved in a grisly accident that nearly claimed her life. The accident left her with severe injuries and caused her to remain in a coma for two days. The accident’s effects haunt her to date as she still suffers memory loss and headaches from the accident.

Hire a Professional 

You never know when to expect an accident. They often occur when you least expect them to and leave catastrophic effects in their wake. The costs of recovery from an accident can be huge, and so is the emotional damage that accompanies the entire process. 

When involved in an accident in Lakeland, you will find it helpful to hire a Lakeland car accident lawyer. Doing this will allow you to heal in peace as a professional handles your legal matters and ensures you get compensated if the accident resulted from another road user’s negligence.

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