10 Movies That Could Not Stick To Their Story Plots

Many times, once a movie establishes itself at the box office, it certainly lays the groundwork for many upcoming sequels. This in turn excites the audience further as they are excited to see how the current events of the movie will unfold in the future. Many of these films do well and can maintain momentum, but several of them are not that lucky. Either way, the writer of these movies, often tend to create the worst blunder of the decade, when they try to deviate from the plots which were established in the original movie. They often sway away from the original plot in the next sequel and set up the groundwork for a completely new plot, which sometimes even contradicts the original plot. In this case, if the movie is directed well, the audience tends to skip a few of these errors. But if the movie is already hanging by its last thread and something like this happens, well there’s no doubt that things will go south pretty darn fast. So, here is a list of movies that were unable to stick with their original plots.


Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Movies Could Not Stick To Their Plots
Movies Could Not Stick To Their Plots

In Terminator 1, we witnessed Kyle Reese make a statement saying “the future is set”. Then in T2, we witnessed the destruction of Cyberdyne networks putting an end to the apocalyptic future. But then in T3, the whole plot is reset, by a certain chain of events that show that the future has again altered itself. Through the course of the sequels we understand that no matter what happens in the present, the future is ever-changing. But the movie through its 5 sequels has still not included this idea within the narrative.


Godzilla (1998)

Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla became the center of controversies after the entire original narrative surrounding the apex predator was toned down to a giant lizard with no atomic fire breath. What was worse is the different sizes that the lizard portrayed within the same movie. From building an underground lair under the city through the subway system to becoming too big for a much bigger Hyde Park tunnel. The entire movie was rigged with such size disparities of the supposed kaiju lizard.


Batman Begins

Movies Could Not Stick To Their Plots
Movies Could Not Stick To Their Plots

Through the decades we have witnessed several batman movies, which boast and lay down the plot of batman’s no-kill policy. But in Christopher Nolan’s series of movies, the audience witnessed a few killings which kind of goes against the caped crusader’s thumb rule. In the Dark Knight Rises, when Bruce burns down the HQ of the league of shadows, He leaves the foot soldiers to be killed by fire or smoke. Later in the movie, he does the same with Ra’s’Al Ghul. Although these deaths may be for the greater good of humanity, they still do not account for the caped crusader’s no-kill policy.



Cars may not be Pixar’s best work to date, but it still accounts for a wonderful world of supercars amongst the normal lot. However, the plot of where the cars came from has still never been answered by the writers. The plot from where the cars became sentient beings remains a mystery, or at least an alternate reality where cars live like humans should have at least been included in the narrative.


Captain America: Civil War

Spider-man first appeared in MCU in Civil War
Spider-man first appeared in MCU in Civil War

In the picture we witnessed Cap disarm several human adversaries using his shield, but in the Avengers with the same shield, he tore through a Chitahuri. The plot is riddled with the actual nuances of Captain America’s vibranium shield. The writers however implicated a cunning comment from Spider-Man as to the complication that goes with the actual prowess of the shield. He was quoted saying that “this thing does not obey any laws of physics”.


Fast & Furious 6

In the movie, we witnessed Dom and Letty practically turning into a bunch of superheroes in the middle of the movie. We witness Dom flying through the air and catching Letty midair, to avoid her falling to her death. Well, the surprise came when both of them landed on a car’s windshield and appeared to be unscathed by the incident. In reality, if two human bodies traveling at that speed were to crash into a car, it would probably not be a pleasant sight.


The Butterfly Effect

Movies Could Not Stick To Their Plots
Movies Could Not Stick To Their Plots

The affairs of time travel, have always been a terrible gamble. But then came along this movie, which witnessed Evan going back to the past and hurting his young cellmate to make him believe in his time-traveling powers. What the movie failed to take into consideration, is that by doing so Evan would be open several possibilities for his future and one of them has to be with another cellmate for harming a young boy.


Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker

Major Sith Fleet Plot Hole in The Rise of Skywalker

The movie witnessed the resurrection of Palpatine as the reigning Sith, who seems to have embodied the spirit of all the prevailing Sith’s. The revival of the character was certainly something that the writers knew, was similar to playing with fire. But still, they indicted the entire plot and looked too good for themselves own self. Finally, the end of the movie makes certain, that probably now he will never return. Well, at least, that’s what the movie implied.



Both the movies were so wonderfully entertaining that we are certain no one would have thought of this story plot. Well in the first movie, the 3 rules kept in mind while taking care of a Mogwai Gizmo are that it mustn’t be allowed to get wet, cannot be exposed to sunlight, and should not be fed after midnight. Now just to clarify, when does the period of not feeding the pet end after midnight. And that is also considering the facts that, if it were to several times zones as a pet on the flight, then would the current time pattern be in place or not? The entire plot is too complex to fit in the movie, but somehow it was something that was never brought up, that is until now.



The original plot in the movie witnessed the Pym particle giving the user the power to shrink in size. It reduces the gap between molecules reducing one’s size without losing one’s mass, strength, and density. This is often showcased during the movie, with Scott Lang punching the bad guys into oblivion. But there is a certain loophole in this said plot if the person were to retain the mass and strength of his former self, how is the individual able to run over surfaces which would not be able to support the weight of a full-sized human being, let alone travel distances on the back of an ant. It also contradicts when things tend to blow up, like in the end scene, when the toy train model blows up to massive proportion. Keeping its weight being constant how was it able to damage the house and a police car. Seems like Marvel writers did not think this plot through.


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