WandaVision Theory: Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch

Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch:

The WandaVision arc started as a sitcom set up in the late ’50s and the most intriguing part of the entire series were the commercials which were kind of absurd and vague unless one tries to connect the commercials with the current ongoing story. These commercials were initially thought to link to the Traumas that Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) seems to have gone through in the MCU narrative, but the latest development of the stories and with the sudden reveal by Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) as Agatha Harkness may have given the WandaVision arc story the twist it needed to pull it off. Agnes’s revelation may clear many insinuations that a lot of fans were having about the WandaVision narrative and how could all of it make sense. Especially with the non-vanishing stork, Sparky (Billy & Tommy’s dog) dying, Pietro Maximoff (Peter Evans) aka Quicksilver turning up on Wanda’s doorstep. All of it did not seem to make any sense up until now.


But, the most important theory that arises from Agnes’s revelation as Agatha Harkness is how do the commercials relate to Wanda Maximoff, if it wasn’t her manifesting the story and the way the sitcom was playing out with the inclusion of the commercials in the television series. The commercials have rattled a deeper mystery within the WandaVision storyline and maybe hints of cautions or warnings to Wanda and means of alerting her from her past repeating itself in the present alternating future and someone along with Agatha Harkness manipulating as to how the story should go about and how the traumatic life events in Wanda Maximoff’s life are turned into mere commercials. Here is a list of the products which were showcased in the commercials and what they may mean in Wanda’s life.


Toast Mate 2000

The first commercial featured a home appliance called a toaster made by stark industries which burns bread or rather toast’s bread named the ToastMate2000. There is a logo on the toaster that reads “Stark Industries” just like the imprint on the mortar that fell in the Sokovian home of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, whilst killing their parents and trapping them under rubble for 2 whole days.


Strucker Watch

The second commercial featured a watch which was named Strucker, which could be a possible reference to Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker who was a Hydra operative and the person who experimented on the Maximoff twins with the mind stone and triggered a latent ability that may have been dormant lying dormant in the twins. The watch also featured the Hydra logo of a skull with tentacles.


HYDRA soap

The tagline of the soap read ‘Find the goddess within’ which hinted at the experiments conducted by Hydra on the Maximoff’s twins and relinquished their underlying dormant abilities to be used against the peacekeepers of the world. The soap also was a vivid reference to the mind-controlling powder that Hydra had in its possession which could make anyone believe anything.


Lagos paper towels

Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch
Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch

We see in the commercial that a mother is trying to clean up the mess created by her two offspring’s with the help of a highly absorbent paper towel, hinting at the tagline ‘For when you make a mess, you did not mean to’. This may be hinting at the incident in Lagos, Nigeria when Wanda was trying to enclose a suicide bomber in her chaos magic and trying to push him towards the sky but could not control the blast which killed many civilians in a nearby building.


Yo-Magic Yoghurt

Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch
Why The Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch

In a distinct Claymation, a shark seems to swim up to a boy who is stranded on an island and seems to be starving. The shark hands over a Yo-Magic Yoghurt pack to the boy, which the boy tries to open but starves to death before he could open it. The Tagline of the yogurt came from the shark saying that he used to be hungry too until he “snacked on Yo-magic”, which seems to be a reference to someone who is trying to absorb or take in or steal something manifested by Wanda and her magic.


Nexus anti-depressant

The anti-depressant hints at Wanda’s existence as a Nexus being who is capable of altering the probabilities and the future. The tagline of the drug states “a unique drug that works to pull you back to your reality or the reality of your choice”. Now the drug may be a vivid reference to how Agnes wishes to keep Wanda in a reality that befits her end goal while making Wanda believe everything around her is real.

The commercials are a vivid inclination towards how Wanda may have been manipulated to alter the probabilities and maybe even the future, without letting her lose control of the anger trapped within her.


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