WandaVision: What Did Wanda Do To The Westview Barrier?

Marvel’s first-ever Disney+ series, WandaVision, premiered on January 15, 2021, and revolves around the alternate reality of Wanda, where is living with her love interest turned husband, Vision, and has twins. The city she is living in is called Westview. All this seems beautiful, now that she has a family. But it is all fake. None of it is real as Vision was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and was not resurrected. So everything that you see in Westview, is fake. And now, episode 5 has clearly broken all barriers regarding multiverses by bringing Evan Peters from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, reprising his role as Quicksilver in WandaVision.

But that was not the only thing we noticed in episode 5. The major question that pops is what did Scarlet Witch do to the Westview hex barrier in the latest episode of WandaVision? As the Westview anomaly enters the era of big hair and bright pants, several major questions were answered about WandaVision’s big mystery. Both Monica Rambeau and Norm (freed from the illusion by a suspicious Vision) reveal that Wanda is the town’s puppet master, controlling the physical forms of residents with her magic abilities. Darcy goes further, figuring out that Wanda is rewriting reality, rather than casting an illusion, but in a later conversation with Vision, the Scarlet Witch maintains that she doesn’t know how the sitcom started rolling.

Armed with the knowledge that the “hex” (Darcy’s name for Wanda’s Westview reality), transforms real-world objects to fit the sitcom’s setting, SWORD sends in a rudimentary drone from the 1980s, figuring the barrier won’t alter something if it isn’t an anachronism. SWORD’s drone makes contact with Wanda but only succeeds in making the Scarlet Witch angry. And just like a certain other Avenger, you wouldn’t like Wanda when she’s angry. She exits the barrier, with the crushed drone in her hand, tells the assembled agents to back off, and places her hands on the hex, covering the entire field in her trademark red magic.

Well, the immediate assumption that we can make is that Wanda reinforces the Westview hex so SWORD can’t throw any more outdated weapons through the barrier. Wrapping her red magic around the existing field, no intruders should be able to enter. Originally, the energy surrounding Westview was fluid, allowing Monica to enter and exit, as well as drones and agents in hazmat suits. But Wanda herself admits that everything she wants is already within Westview. Perhaps, therefore, the hex is now absolute – nothing comes in, and nothing comes out.

Alternatively, Wanda may have changed the rules so that instead of only morphing out-of-time objects (such as Monica’s bulletproof armor becoming a pair of swinging 1970s pants), absolutely anything that enters the barrier is bent to her will. This measure would also ensure no more interruptions to Wanda’s programming. In either case, Wanda changing the barrier would essentially act as a plot device to explain why SWORD can’t simply send more 1980s weapons inside, and why they must instead come up with a more creative solution.

Aside from protecting herself from the outside world, Wanda might’ve also rewritten the rules regarding what happens inside Westview. In episode 5, it’s revealed that Scarlet Witch broke into SWORD’s base and stole the remains of Vision’s body leftover from the Battle of Wakanda. Combined with what has already been revealed about Westview, it seems Wanda needs physical bodies to create her sitcom characters (possibly with the exception of Tommy and Billy). It’s curious then, that Evan Peters arrives as Quicksilver, at the end of the episode. Wanda’s reinforcement of the hex might’ve been designed to augment her alternate reality even further with new characters.

Wanda doesn’t know how the Westview anomaly began, there’s clearly a deeper story behind how WandaVision was green-lit, but the fact that Scarlet Witch can alter the hex adds further proof to suggest she’s the one responsible for the barrier. If the energy field was emanating from another source (Agatha Harkness or Mephisto) Wanda likely couldn’t have made any alterations to the hex herself.

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The shocking appearance by Evan Peters has broken down all the preconceived notions of how Marvel Studios were to introduce the X-Men and multiverse. Lending credence to the rumors that have been swirling around Spider-Man 3 bringing back villains from previous iterations of the franchise, with Peters back as Pietro Maximoff, it completely changes the game for the Scarlet Witch’s perfect family in Westview.

In episode 5 of WandaVision, Evan Peters made a shocking appearance reprising his role as Quicksilver, effectively kicking down the door to Fox’s X-Men franchise of films and replacing Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s portrayal of the same character from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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