10 Strongest Human Characters In Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball: Strongest Human Characters

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous and successful mangas out there to ever land, and still continue to soar high in the sky with a fanbase that is too loyal, and always capitalizes the market to its extreme. Every new and powerful character introduced since the series debuted in 1984 has forced the Z Fighters to level-up or be defeated. Even human characters like Yamcha have been given the chance to level up thanks to the likes of Beerus and Moro.

Dragon Ball Super Moro God of Destruction Before Beerus

The list below makes note of the ten strongest human characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. Due to the fact that all of the humans that have managed to keep up with Goku have been enhanced by training with Ki or implanted cybernetics, the definition of human has been expanded to include any humanoid character that was born on earth.


It may come as a surprise, yes, but Chiatzu actually makes the list with his mind-bending powers of controlling things. Of course, he is not going to impress anyone with his physical abilities or strength, but the skill he possesses is no less than amazing. Chiaotzu is a human who was born and raised on Earth. He is also extremely powerful. In the most recent Dragon Ball anime series, Chiaotzu manages to hold Goku in place with his telekinetic strength. His small frame, stark white make-up, and telekinetic abilities are indeed traits that appear more alien than human.


Not much spoken of, Olibu is one of the most powerful human characters to ever make it on screen in the Dragon Ball franchise. Manga readers will have an even harder time recognizing this name because Olibu is an original anime character. King Kai goes as far as to say that Olibu is his greatest student other than Goku, putting him near the same punching weight as a Saiyan Warrior. If this blonde-haired martial artist is responsible for the feats of Achilles, Hercules, and Odysseus then he truly is a force to be reckoned with.


Martial Arts in Dragon Ball

We know, we know. But we are not joking. And it shouldn’t be a surprise because, after Master Roshi, Yamcha was the follow up to ever use Kamehameha on screen. In the original Dragon Ball series, Yamcha is able to defeat Goku in a fair battle of strength. Sure, Goku was only a child at the time, but as Goku evolved, Yamcha has also managed to level up. Yamcha may have fallen behind the other Z Fighters in recent years, but when given the chance to train alongside his peers, Yamcha demonstrates an incredible amount of strength and heart.


The three-eyed monk has always managed to come up with new schemes and powerful techniques. Though the majority of his training happens off-screen in his own dojo, Tien always manages to keep up with Goku by inventing a new powerful technique that catches everyone by surprise. It should no longer be a surprise when Tien introduces a new technique, as it is clear that this is a man that never stops training. One of the many Dragon Ball guidebooks explains that Tien is a descendant of an alien race that settled on Earth centuries ago. This explains the monk’s third eye and his ability to grow extra limbs at will, but it doesn’t erase his humanity.


Krillin is also proof of the fact that humanity is justified for evolving through the use of cybernetics and Ki in order to keep up with the many intergalactic threats that have come to Earth. He certainly is powerful, but if this were the peak of humanity, Universe 7 certainly would have been destroyed in the Tournament of Power. He has also trained really hard with Master Roshi alongside Goku, and also gave him a hard time during his practice at the said time.


The human reincarnate of Majin Buu is yet to be given the spotlight in Dragon Ball Super, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is not strong. After defeating Buu in Dragon Ball Z, Goku wished for the chance to fight a good version of the pink villain, and of course, anime logic, his wish came true. When fans first get to see Uub fight in The Peaceful World Saga at the end of Dragon Ball Z, he outclasses every other human before even beginning his training under Goku.

Lazuli (Android 18)

Mrs. Krillin wears the badge of the first cybernetically-enhanced human proudly. Her power as an android has destroyed the world in an alternate timeline and saved it in the canon timeline that currently runs through Dragon Ball Super. The android’s base strength and stamina comes largely from the cybernetics built into their bodies, but if Master Roshi can use a container with a special demon seal to enhance his strength in combat, it only seems fair for the androids to call on their cybernetic enhancements. She was also a great help in the Tournament of Power.

Lapis (Android 17)

Android 17 was the last man standing and the proud winner of the Tournament of Power. The twin brother of Android 18 once went by the name Lapis before being cybernetically enhanced by Dr. Gero during the Androids Saga. The further development of Android 17’s strength when Goku recruits him for the Tournament of Power is proof of the fact that his cybernetics are not the only thing powering him. The park ranger has embraced his humanity since facing Goku in Dragon Ball Z and it has only increased his strength.

Master Roshi

Facts About Majin Buu

Master Roshi, at the age, that he is, is still able to keep up with other human characters thanks to his incredible knowledge of martial arts. It’s difficult to even imagine the Dragon Ball franchise without Master Roshi. The skilled old man will definitely make fans cringe more than any other character in the world of Dragon Ball, but his knowledge of martial arts and skills as a teacher are unmatched. His performance was simply outstanding during the Tournament of power.


Gohan may be blessed with his father’s Saiyan blood, but the Dragon Ball franchise has gone to great lengths to prove that he is as human as one can be. Gohan has long refused to embrace the Saiyan culture of flexing their genetic superiority over others in battle. He has even gone so far as to refuse the power of Super Saiyan, instead of working to increase his strength by other means. Still, he remains one of the most powerful characters in all of Dragon Ball. If fans think Goku and Vegeta have broken Dragon Ball’s power scale, they should be happy that Gohan hasn’t spent his entire life training, or else every other character in the franchise would surely have been left in the dust. Whis even goes so far as to call Gohan a “normal human” when he fails to recognize his father’s transformation into Super Saiyan God.

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