Squared Love: Everything You Need To Know – Cast, Location And Sequel

Squared Love released on 11th February 2021 and has been seen on the Top 10 charts of Netflix since its release. The plot revolves around a womanizer celebrity journalist who falls in love with a supermodel who happens to lead a double life. The film has a feel-good factor to it all throughout.

1. Cast

Adrianna Chlebicka

Adrianna Chlebicka was born in the year 1994 in Warsaw, Poland. The Polish actor has also earlier been seen in a bunch of different television series, including Okciec Mateusz, Bawry Szczescia, Control, and W rytmie serca. In this film, she plays the role of Monica, a school teacher who is intelligent and comforting. She also works as a model under the name of Klaudia and is hiding this identity of hers from most people around her.

Mateusz Banasiuk

Squared Love Cast, Location And Sequel
Squared Love Cast, Location And Sequel

Mateusz Banasiak has been seen in more than 16 films since he started acting in 2004. The Polish actor’s most famous work includes the TV series Puerwsza Milosc, and films such as All That I Love, Floating Skyscrapers, and Who Never Lived. In Squared Love, he plays the role of a womanizer who drives around town in fancy cars that don’t really belong to him and picks up women. He is a womanizer who insists he loves women and can’t get enough of them and charms everyone he comes across.

Directed by Filip Zylber, Squared Love is an intimate film giving us the message that when it’s meant to be, the love you give to someone comes back around to you at all costs.

In the film, both the protagonists are somewhat loving a double life. Monica is a passionate school teacher who is loved by the children but does modeling gigs to pay off her father’s debt.

Squared Love Cast, Location And Sequel
Squared Love Cast, Location And Sequel

Enzo is a celebrity journalist who drives around in fancy cars which he returns to the dealership after driving them for a few days. He lives with his brother and his daughter Ania, who happens to be a student of Monica. The two meet once at an ad film shoot for a luxury car. And the second time they meet at Ania’s school. Over time Enzo comes close to both Monica and Klaudia, and has trouble choosing between the two. He keeps spending time with both of them, not knowing they’re the same. It is a delight to watch a Casanova fall in love with the same person, in different outer appearances.

As the movie goes on, it is interesting to see how Monica manages to hide her identity and juggle between her work and her feelings for Enzo. We also see how far she is willing to go to protect her second identity.

 2. Location

Squared Love Cast, Location And Sequel
Squared Love Cast, Location And Sequel

Squared Love has been shot entirely in Warsaw, Poland. This place is a cultural hub of sorts as the cultures of both Western and Eastern Europe influence the culture of this place. There are numerous museums and art galleries and libraries in the city. The location looks beautiful on-screen as Monica and Enzo are seen driving luxury and vintage cars around the city, and going to beautiful places, and spending time together.

 3. Sequel

As of now, there has been no announcement by ya creators or Netflix about a possible sequel in the near future. Even though it is an adorable watch, the possibility of a sequel seems unlikely because there were no cliffhangers at the end of the film. Monica and Enzo had a happy ending as they expressed their feelings for each other and brought each love and their favorite cars. Squared Love is rated 5/10 on IMDB and 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. Nonetheless, it is an intimate and feels good one-time watch. The convincing acting and beautiful visuals make up for its simple plot that guarantees us a happy ending. It is rather interesting to watch out and their journey to that happy ending. So watch this film with a tub of ice cream or a box of pizza on a weeknight and feel content before going to bed.

You can watch Squared Love on Netflix.

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