Infinity Stones To Return in WandaVision – Through Commercials?

In the latest news that picking up wind amongst WandaVision fans is the return of infinity stone’s in the WandaVision arc and it is being done in the most comical way possible. This is possibly the wildest speculation being made by many fans but may become true due to logic and reasoning as to why the stones might re-enter the story arc and its implication in the current or the future narrative. The Marvel Cinematic Universe might get impacted by this turn of events and directly or indirectly might gather a lot of needed and unneeded attention. The commercials that pop up in the sitcom setup of the WandaVision series may not just be a reference to everything that Wanda may have experienced in her life but also the infinity stones with each commercial hinting at particular characteristics or properties of each stone.

By now we are certain our readers have the basic information about the infinity stones, they were first discussed and explained about by the collector in the movie ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’. After that they randomly appeared in different movies before finally making a comeback in the Infinity War and finally in the Endgame, Thanos snaps half the population of all the universe out of existence and later on destroys the stone themselves. However, even though the stones were destroyed in the previous present, they were able to retrieve the stone from particular points in time where each stone was in the realm of the earth in that particular point of time and wish back the living beings snapped out of existence by Thanos to be brought back.

Post the events in Endgame the stones were returned to time points, but looking at the commercials it seems like the stones have had a prominent impact on Wanda Maximoff and might just be seen making a return to the story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Everything that is being experienced in the Westview sitcom is seemingly being storied around Wanda Maximoff’s past and the alternate future which she always dreamed of. The infinity stones – the power stone, the space stone, the reality stone, the mind stone, the time stone, and the soul stone seem to make it back into Wanda’s alternate reality in the form of sitcom commercials.

The first commercial in episode 1, was kind of the reference made to stark with the toaster being made by stark industries which is actually in Wanda’s past was a weapons designer. The weapons created by the Stark industries had killed Wanda’s parent and the first shred of color in an alternate reality of a sitcom was the color red in the Toaster which might be a reference to the reality stone which is known to create alternate realities within an existing reality.

The second commercial in episode 2 was about the Strucker watch, which might be a reference to Wolfgang Von Strucker who ran his experiment on Wanda and her twin brother Pietro Maximoff. The watch may be a reference to the time stone.

In the 3rd episode, we see a commercial which talked about the Hydra soap, which promotes an escape or getaway to wherever you want. Well, the initial reference is clearly towards Hydra’s secret planning of all those years to take over earth and the marketing tagline for the soap may indicate its inclination towards the space stone, which we have seen Loki and Thanos use to move across the space-time continuum to move across the universe.

No episode came up in episode 4, but in episode 5 we were shown the Lagos paper towel commercial. The marketing tagline for the product was “When you make a mess you didn’t mean to” referencing Wanda’s mistake when she threw crossbones whom self detonates a suicide bomb towards the building she thought had been evacuated, but had civilians trapped inside. The commercial carries on to show how “Husbands can use it too”, which stands about the time when Vision shot a beam from the mind stone to stop Falcon and falcon dodged the beam which ended up hitting War Machine and resulted in crippling Colonel Rhodey for life. This could be the implication towards the mind stone because both Wanda and Vision’s source of power is the Mind stone and during both these events both of them were unable to control their powers and ended up costing people their lives.

Well, the only thing that is there is that all of this is a speculation and a weird theory linking to the return of the infinity stone, so guess we’ll have to wait and watch the rest of the episodes for further commercials to find a link to the remaining Power & Soul stone.

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