Top 10 Greatest Final Battles in MCU History – Ranked

Of all the Marvel movies released to date, fans have always fathomed the showdown between the good guy and the villain in the final stretch of the Marvel movie. Even in movies that have been ridiculed for not having a strong enough villainous character, a showdown leaves the firmest critic in awe. For sure some movies have multiple smaller fights amongst individual characters, but even in those movies, we do get to see all the good guys get together and thrash the villains and their army into the ground. There has been a total of 23 MCU movies released to date starting from 2008’s Iron Man and each one of them had been vastly epic and massive than the previous ones especially the last MCU jackpot.

Guardians of Galaxy Vs Ronan

The showdown of this epic movie starts with Star-Lord announcing a dance-off against Ronan, to distract him long enough for Rocket to hit his hammer with a projectile. Which was imbued with the power of the power stone and shattering the hammer into pieces and releasing the Power Stone finally to be caught by Star-Lord and later the power is shared by the guardians to finally destroy Ronan into a puff of purple smoke.

Ant-Man Vs Yellowjacket

Greatest Final Battles in MCU

This battle was one of the epic proportions especially when you can shrink down the size of an ant. The final battle ensues between Scott Lang aka Ant-man and Hank Pym’s protégé Darren Cross. Darren took Hank’s company and transformed it into Cross Technologies while developing the Ant-man suit look-alike the Yellowjacket for military implications. A battle ensues between Darren and Scott, in Scott Lang’s daughter’s bedroom with something’s being blown out of proportion. Finally, Scott can shrink beyond the fabric of the quantum realm and destroy Darren’s suit from within resulting in Darren getting sucked into the Quantum realm himself, without any means of escape.

Avengers Vs Ultron

Greatest Final Battles in MCU
Greatest Final Battles in MCU

The final battle saw Ultron download his essence into multiple robots created by Stark in an attempt to put armor around the world. The final battle takes place in Sokovia with the Avengers fighting an army of Ultron’s while trying to keep a floating Sokovia intact and in one piece. After they take down all the drones they finally face off with the real Ultron, while SHIELD on the other side of the city is trying to evacuate every living soul from this floating mass of land.

Captain America Vs The Winter Soldier

Captain America Rightfully MCU’s Strongest Avenger
Greatest Final Battles in MCU

Bucky Barnes is thawed out and reintroduced into the world after wiping his memory slate clean and giving him new directives. In a battle on the streets, Steve sees his friend for the first time but his friend does not seem to remember him. In the final battle, Captain is on a mission to bring down 3 Helicarriers who have their guns aimed at every single target in Washington DC who could be a future hindrance to the goals of HYDRA and as expected in the final Hellicarrier we have Bucky Barnes to hold off Captain America. Finally, Captain puts down his shield after installing a chip in the last Helicarrier and bringing it down, and telling Bucky to come back as he would not fight with him anymore.

Spider-Man Vs Mysterio

Greatest Final Battles in MCU

In the final battle of this movie, we see Spider-Man battling an army of drones which were supposed to be used by Peter to make the world a better place, given over to Quentin Beck who uses the EDITH technology to break Peter’s and SHIELDS trust. During the battle, Mysterio conjures up illusions using the drones and tries to take peter done permanently. But Peter has something which Mysterio and his army of drones do not have and that is his Spidey sense, using which Peter takes back the control of the Drones and orders self-destruction of the drones putting a stop to the mayhem.

Thor Vs Hela

This battle was a battle of the Gods, with Hela destroying Mjolnir and Thor getting cornered at the end of the battle. He taps into his Asgardian divinity and seeks consultation from his father one last time, who reminds Thor that he is not the God of Hammers and rather the god of Thunder. This revelation triggers an event of transcendence in Thor where he can tap into his true power and at least for the time being is bale to shock Hela and destroy the army of the dead to allow the people of Asgardian to make their escape. Thor can distract Hela long enough for Loki to put Surtur’s helmet in the eternal flame and trigger the prophecy of the Ragnarök.

Captain America Vs Iron Man

Best Superhero Movies of This Decade
Greatest Final Battles in MCU

In the Civil War the Avengers break into two teams, one of which wanted the Sokovia accords to be implemented to help build armor around the world and the other team who wanted this to be kept as an option to be chosen when one is ready rather than being forced down someone’s throat. In the final battle, we see Captain America battle with Iron Man, while Iron Man’s suit studied Captain’s every move and tactic and releasing countermeasures to stop Captain in his tracks. Finally, Captain breaks into Iron man’s chest piece and shuts down its power to make him handicapped and leave the scene with Bucky in his arms.

Avengers Vs Loki & Chitauri

Avengers: Endgame Original 6 Avengers

Probably the first epic battle of the Avengers against an evil alien force with advanced technology and Thor’s brother Loki as the general of the alien army invading earth. With Bruce Banner back in the fight and Thor finally realizing that he has to stop his brother now no matter the cost, we are lined up for the battle of epic action sequences and with Captain leading and instructing the team. Even the audience seemed ready to fight the Chitauri. Finally, Iron Man redirects a nuclear warhead into the rift that was opened on top of the NYC air space destroying the Chitauri mothership and Black Widow closing the portal with the help of Loki’s scepter.

Thanos Vs Avenger’s (Infinity War)

Greatest Final Battles in MCU
Greatest Final Battles in MCU

The battle in Wakanda saw Thanos’s children and the Chitauri try to invade the Wakandan kingdom to steal the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead. Eventually, shit does hit the roof but not before we see some epic battling between the avengers and Thanos’s army. Thanos in the end achieves the very desire he had since the day he started looking for the infinity stones and fulfills his dream and the Avengers are left distraught at the events that unfolded after that.

Thanos Vs Avenger’s (Endgame)

Seemingly this movie concluded the final epilogue of all the 22 movies released before. The final battle sees all the Avengers and this Captain Marvel joining the fight to take down Thanos once and for all. The ending of the movie is so epic that no words are enough to describe the ending and making one watch the ending every time like a new experience.

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