10 Hollywood Celebs Who Are Surprisingly Afraid of Flying

Hollywood Celebs Afraid of Flying:

Popular celebrities spend half their lives on the planes. They are always running on schedule and need to be in multiple countries in one day. This compels them to fly back and forth between countries and continents all year. So, it may come as a surprise to you that many celebs have a phobia of flying. The most fascinating part is that most of these stars even own a private jet. This list includes a wide variety of names from pop stars to well-known actors who shudder at the name of planes. No matter how many times they have traveled by air, the fear never subsides. Find out the 10 Hollywood celebs who are afraid of flying in planes.

 1. Miley Cyrus

Surprise surprise! The badass pop star may appear bold in her music videos and not care about what the world says. But there is one thing that controls the free-spirited Miley Cyrus. She is petrified of flying even though it’s a big part of her life due to world tours.

 2. Kate Winslet

The popular actress’s Rose may have survived in the Titanic mishap in the movie but she isn’t taking any chances in real life. According to reports, Kate and her former husband, Sam Menes never flew together to avoid the risk of leaving their children orphaned. However, she can be pretty daring in times of need. Kate once jumped into a burning house to rescue an old lady.

 3. Wes Anderson

It’s rare to find a talented, unconventional, and critically-acclaimed director and screenwriter like Wes Anderson. That’s why we are in full support of him taking precautions and low-risk transportation. The Grand Budapest Hotel director reportedly travels by trains as much as he can. This way he is also contributing towards environmental wellbeing.

 4. Jennifer Anniston

Rachel might have been fearless in Friends despite Phoebe’s fake warning, but in real life, Jennifer would have taken it quite seriously. She has been afraid of flying from a young age which she claims has prevented her from visiting many places. The actress has also faced a dangerous situation while flying that cemented her phobia. Jennifer was traveling on her 50th birthday when her plane lost a tire during takeoff. There was a loud explosion and the pilot had to make several rounds to burn the fuel for a safe landing.

 5. Britney Spears

Britney is another busy pop star who has spent more than half her life traveling across the world for work. One would assume her to call planes as her second home but Britney still feels uncomfortable in them.

 6. Sandra Bullock

Facts About Sandra Bullock

The Proposal actress is still not over the plane crash she experienced when her private jet crashed on a snowbank since the runway lights couldn’t be turned on. Just like Speed, this was a near-death experience for Sandra. Since then, she hasn’t been comfortable with flying.

 7. Megan Fox

The Transformers actress has been terrified of flying ever since she was in her 20s. She has battled several panic attacks while taking off. But Megan has found a way of calming her down by listening to Britney Spears songs.

 8. Ben Affleck

The A-list actor may portray daring superheroes like Daredevil and tech-loving Batman but in real life, he shares the same likes and dislikes of a common man. He has been afraid of flying ever since his plane got struck by lightning when he was a kid.

 9. Shailene Woodley

The Fault in Our Stars says that she was never scared of planes before. It appears to Shailene that the fear keeps increasing with every journey. Every time she hops on it, she is afraid of it getting crashed.

 10. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten’s Mary Jane may have had a Spider-Man to save her in times of danger, but the reality is far away from fiction. That’s the actress who is quite open about her fear of flying. She makes sure to carry her noise-canceling headphones to avoid the sound of landing and take-offs.

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