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20 Times Fans Trolled Star-Lord For Messing Up In Infinity War

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord is a fabulous Marvel comic character who first appeared in the movie Guardians of The Galaxy and which is portrayed by one of the most amazing actors in the Holywood, Chris Pratt. After the Infinity War fans started blaming Star-Lord for ruing the plan as the Avengers were very close to getting off the Infinity Gauntlet. They started trolling him and so here we brought you some of the funniest Star-Lord memes that will make you laugh out loud:

1. Summary!!

2. LOL!!

3. Haha!!

4. Oh No!!

5. Peter-Peter!!

6. Crazy Drax!!

7. Really Well!!

Fans Trolled Star-Lord

8. Finally!!

9. LMAO!!

10. True!!

Fans Trolled Star-Lord

11. That Reaction!!

12. Funny!!

13. Oh Yeah!!

14. Feelings For Gamora!!

Fans Trolled Star-Lord

15. Hehe!!

16. Oops!!

17. Hilarious!!

Fans Trolled Star-Lord

18. Star-Lor, Who?

19. Woah!!

20. LMAO!!

Fans Trolled Star-Lord

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