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18 Hilarious Memes on Ned Leeds From Spider-Man Movies

Ned Leeds is Peter’s super cool nerd friend and they both can be called to be the baby science bros. Ned and Peter Parker along with MJ are quite a fantastic team. We loved the trio in the Spider-Man: No Way Home. Here we bring you some of the funniest memes on Ned Leeds that will make you laugh out loud:

1. Ned Being Ned!!


2. The Combo!

3. Haha!


4. Confused!!

5. Uh Oh!!


6. Some Rando Guy!!

7. Gonna Die!!


8. Woah!!

9. You Want More!!


10. Haha!!

11. That’s Magic!!


12. Sad!!

13. Stop With The Lies, Andrew!


14. He’s Magic!!

15. Oops!


16. That’s Right!!

17. Baby Science Bros!!


18. Totally!!

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