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20 Hilarious Batman Memes For All Fans Excited For RP’s The Batman

The Batman franchise is the biggest in the entertainment industry with comics, movies, and games. And now that we are getting to watch the new movie featuring Robert Pattinson, fans are really excited. Check out these hilarious Batman memes to look at before The Batman arrives, showing how fans love to troll Batman:

1. Too Harsh!


2. That Damn Crossover!

3. Exactly!


4. LOL!

5. Riddle This!


6. Not Yet!

7. Absolutely!


8. Woah!

9. MCU Did It First!


10. Oh yeah!

11. LMAO!


12. Daredevil Lite!

13. OMG!


14. Damn!

15. The Best!


16. Totally!

17. Batman Be The Best!


18. Similar!

19. Watch Out!


20. Like, Why?

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