10 Movies That Almost Would Have Been Ruined

The process of filmmaking is far from the smooth narration we get on the screen. It undergoes hundreds of takes, reshoots, and retakes. Sometimes screenwriters, directors, and producers come up with wild ideas that could have almost changed the whole course of the movie. Perhaps, some of these films wouldn’t have become classic and iconic had they gone with the crazy decisions. Find out what these awful decisions were that almost destroyed your favorite films. Here are the 10 movies that would have almost been ruined.

The Lord Of The Rings

“The Lord of the Rings” is a legendary saga directed by Peter Jackson. It wasn’t easy to take every element from the thick book and translate it to the three films. Yet the studios and director did justice to the story. But history of Hollywood would have been different if the studios had followed Harvey Weinstein’s idea. He wanted Quentin Tarantino to direct the film and turn all the books into one single movie. We love Tarantino but this idea is hard to take in.


Remember how the Fox Studios made a joke out of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool by taking away mouth from the Merc With A Mouth? Things would have remained that way had the test footage not gone viral. Fox almost stole one of the best Marvel franchise from us by dropping the idea of Deadpool we have now. They weren’t up for the Merc With A Mouth idea as they wanted kid-friendly movies.

Spider-Man and X-Men

Many sources have suggested that the legendary Michael Jackson always had his eyes on Marvel superheroes. He wanted to buy rights to several Marvel characters and star as some of them. Had the late singer’s dream came true, he would have played Professor X and Spider-Man.

Monster, Inc.

Didn’t we simply love “Monster, Inc.” and the bonding between John Goodman and Boo? In fact, Boo’s cuteness was one of the primary factors why we couldn’t take out eyes off the film. However, one of the initial alternate ideas involved a 30-year old man instead of Boo. It would have started with the man going through drawings of monsters that he made as a kid.

Back To The Future

Ever wonder how the coolest boy in the school became friends with the crazy scientist? At first, the director wanted to show an explanation behind their team-up. In one of the recycled drafts, Marty was paid in cash and beer to clean up Doctor Brown’s lab. That’s how the two got acquainted.

The Shawshank Redemption

This film is considered one of the best classics and pride of Hollywood that every cinephile has watched. It was excellently helmed by Frank Darabont who had originally pitched the idea of this book adaption. However, the studio was initially more inclined towards getting Rob Reiner to direct it and Tom Cruise to star.

The Bodyguard 2

Kevin Costner’s “The Bodyguard” was set for a return with its second installment. And this time they would have starred none other than the People’ Princess, Dianna. The late Princess Dianna was on talks to star opposite Costner and things were almost finalized. Sadly, she met with a car crash after the script was submitted.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Biggest Horror Movie Icons

The classic horror was originally supposed to be a literal nightmare. Yes, the whole terror of Freddie slashing everyone in dreams for real would eventually turn out to be nothing but a nightmare. In the movie, Nancy manages to defeat Freddie and wakes up to find all her loved ones back. Just when everything seemed happily-ever-after, Freddie pops out of the front door and drags away Nancy’s mom. This allowed the franchise to capitalize on this monster for a long time. But in the alternate dumb ending, Freddie never existed and was just a part of Nancy’s dream.

The Lion King

Instead of the emotional childhood of Simba who ran away from his family out of guilt, Disney had sketched out something else. Simba’s evil uncle Scar had raised the young lion to be a lazy brat. It was his long-term plan to overthrow the useless and lazy Simba from his throne.

Anchorman: The Legend Ron Burgundy

The first part of the popular comedy is based on a battle between a chauvinistic man and an ambitious and liberal woman at the news firm. But the film was originally supposed to have a survival battle in the background. It had the news team getting trapped on a remote mountain after their plane crashed. It was followed by a chain of adventures and wild attacks.

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