10 Most Hilarious Lines Said By Wanda In WandaVision

The latest MCU series “WandaVision” on Disney+ has attracted worldwide attention for its eccentric plot. Behind the retro sitcom theme, it hides its weird and chilly secrets. Every episode is tagged along by an Easter egg which reveals new twists and leads to conspiracies and theories. But the show also consists of funny moments and one-liners that we are guilty of laughing at. The jokes and puns definitely go with the vintage theme of the mini-series. So here are the 10 most hilarious dialogues by Wanda in WandaVision.

Married To A “Human” One

When Agnes implied that she thought Wanda was a single woman, the latter quickly interjected her and clarified that she was married. Wanda said “Well, I assure you, I’m married. To a man.  A human one and tall.” Her reassuring that her husband was a “human” came out hilariously. It was her defense mechanism as she knew secretly knew that Vision was an android who used a human face to go out.

Superhumans Fail At Abbreviation

Hilarious Lines In WandaVision
Hilarious Lines In WandaVision

Episode 1 started with the whole confusion of the “heart/hart” marked on the calendar. The “weird couple” couldn’t crack what the heart signified. Later when Vision brought over his boss and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Hart, Wanda was furious to see them on her anniversary night with Vision. But then he pulled her into the kitchen and explained to her that the heart symbol was an abbreviation for “Hart”. Wanda was stunned how the two of them, an android and a witch/mutant, who had superhuman strengths and powers failed to understand an abbreviation. She aptly put it in these words “You move at the speed of sound and I can make a pen float through the air. Who needs to abbreviate?”

Who Is The Husband and Wife Here?

When Vision called up Wanda in the middle of episode 1, both of them were talking about completely different things. While Wanda assumed that the heart symbol meant their marriage anniversary, Vision knew that it was an abbreviation for Mr. and Mrs. Hart who were coming over for dinner. Vision asks her in nervousness if he should impress the wife, i.e, Mrs. Hart, Wanda thinks he meant her and replies that she should impress the husband., i.e, Vision. So, Wanda confidently saying “I think the best course of action is to impress the husband”.

Vision’s Indestructible Head

Hilarious Lines In WandaVision
Hilarious Lines In WandaVision

Wanda and Vision do their best to live like regular humans with office jobs and household work. But the unusual couple keeps failing at doing so. For them “flying saucers” and hitting the head with crockery is no big deal. When Wanda was arranging the plates and crockery with telekinesis, Vision entered the kitchen without looking and got hit by a saucer. It was followed by his casual remark “My wife and her flying saucers”. To this Wanda replied “My husband and his indestructible head”. It was not only a dig at him being an android but also a reference to Vision’s fate at the end of “Avengers: Infinity War”. In the film, his head was crushed by Thanos who was trying to obtain the Mind Stone.

How Do The Boxes Move

On moving to Westview, Wanda was welcomed by her neighbor, Agnes. When Agnes asked Wanda how she settled down so fast and if she used a moving company to place her furniture, Wanda quickly uses humor to cover the truth. Wanda tries to lock the skeleton in her closet by saying wittily “Those boxes don’t move themselves”. Anyone who knows Wanda and her past is well aware that she used telekinesis to move the boxes and furniture.

 “Married Men Are Killing Single Men”

Wanda’s friend Agnes gave her plenty of suggestions from a magazine for Wanda’s romantic night with Vision. These ideas turned out to be futile as Wanda and Vision were having Mr. and Mrs. Hart over for dinner instead of their marriage anniversary.

Hilarious Lines In WandaVision

However, when the dinner eve was turning chaotic and the guests were getting hangry, Wanda ended up resorting to Agnes’ kinky ideas. The nervousness made her ask “were either of you aware that married men are killing single men at an alarming rate?”. It was completely random and made things even worse and more awkward.

Using Real Magic To Make Real Magic Look Fake

When Vision and Wanda were rehearsing for their magic gig, Vision had a doubt like any other amateur magician. He was worried if the audience would catch their tricks and call the magic fake. It was anyway hilarious coming from an android whose superpowers were equivalent to magic for ordinary people. Wanda explains that “Well, that’s the whole point. In a real magic act, everything is fake”. It was ironic how real superheroes relied on fake magic tricks to convince people while ordinary humans create illusions to make their fake magic look real. Later, when Vision almost revealed his strengths by levitating in the air, Wanda immediately used her magic to pop out ropes and give the opposite illusion.

Vision’s Costume

In Episode 2, Vision and Wanda were preparing for a magic show at a charity event in Westview. When Vision was looking at the costume that he thought Wanda would be wearing, Wanda replied “That’s actually the rest of your costume”.

The one-piece leotard costumes used to be worn by the magician’s assistants. But Wanda was commenting on Vision’s leotard outfit from the Avengers movies.

The Empty Refrigerator

Hilarious Lines In WandaVision
Hilarious Lines In WandaVision

Wanda starts her work in the kitchen in a grand and excited manner as if she was going to prepare a yummy breakfast. She asks Vision if he wanted to have bacon, eggs, crispy hash browns, pancakes, freshly squeezed orange juice, and black coffee. As Vision says that he doesn’t eat food, Wanda opens the fridge and comments “Well, that explains the empty refrigerator”.

The Apron

Hilarious Lines In WandaVision
Hilarious Lines In WandaVision

As a witch/mutant with super abilities, Wanda is clearly trying her best to blend in with the normal people of Westview. Even though she continues to use her powers to move the utensils and cook without touching anything, her idea of blending in is based on her clothes. By wearing an apron unnecessarily, Wanda assumes that she has done enough to be like ordinary people. She says “I know the is a bit much, sear, but I am doing my best to blend in”.

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