10 Fan Theories on Ultron’s Return In Future MCU Projects

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is incomplete without its fan theories. The tradition seems to be followed even in future MCU projects.  Some of the most mind-twisting Easter eggs and hidden details seem to point at the AI villain, Ultron. He made his debut in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and wreaked havoc on earth and in Wanda’s life. Fans strongly believe that this villain is set to return in the MCU phase 4 via the mini-series, WandaVision. So which of the following beliefs can be true? Find out the 10 fan theories on Ultron’s return in future MCU projects.

Ultron From Another Universe

MCU is finally dipping its feet in the multiverse in its upcoming Phases 4 and 5. We have already learned about villains like Doctor Octopus and Electro, and other versions of Spider-Man surfacing from the multiverse. There is no reason not to believe that Ultron could also emerge from other universes. Even comic book readers know how various versions of Ultron from other universes attempted to attack the Marvel universe.

Adam Warlock

Some fans also link Ultron’s return with the upcoming superhero, Adam Warlock whose cocoon was teased in the post-credit scenes of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. Wonder how they both are interconnected? Both Ultron and Adam are artificially made, but the latter is the organic being. If you remember, Ultron’s wanted to find a body that represented the fusion of artificial and organic. He created Vision for the same purpose of becoming a techno-organic body. Adam Warlock appears to be the perfect host for Ultron, which indicates the next big battle in the future.

At the end of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, we see Hulk overthrowing Ultron from the Quinjet he was trying to escape in. Some fans suggest that Ultron could have already uploaded a virus of himself in the Quinjet that ended up landing on Sakaar with Hulk. What if Ultron took over Sakaar, which is brimming with technological junk, and ultimately strikes a war with Adam?

Kang the Conqueror

New MCU big bad, Kang will make his debut in the 2022 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. As of now, there are various speculations on how Kang will come to the universe. Either Wanda messing up with reality or the Avengers tampering with the timeline could attract the time-traveling villain from the future. It is believed that Kang will not come alone. He will bring along a familiar foe of the Avengers and humankind- Ultron. After all, he has the ability to travel back in time and pull out Ultron before his death.


Jocasta was the AI, girlfriend of Ultron, in the Marvel comic books. Even though she hasn’t appeared in the movies yet, the character was teased on Tony Stark’s desk. When Tony was going through his other AI programs after using JARVIS for Vision, we saw Jocasta as one of the options. FRIDAY was the one who got picked that day but for all we know, Ultron had already created Jocasta’s conscience. In the books, Jocasta was created with the help of Wasp’s brain patterns but she ended up joining the Avengers to fight Ultron.

Vulture Brought Him Back

Adrian Toomes aka Vulture’s appearance in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” sparked the return of Vision long before the Disney+ series. And fans have evidence to support that. Vulture is known for stealing powerful weapons and collecting leftover technology parts from battlegrounds. We saw how he managed to lay his hands on Ultron’s weapons in the movie and use them against civilians. There is a high possibility that one of the leftovers of Ultron carried his virus.

Transferred Himself To The Mind Stone

It is interesting how the back of Vision’s head resembles Ultron’s face. Vision may be the good one, but some of his elements strongly reflect Ultron. Both the androids fell for Wanda. It was proved in “Age of Ultron” when the villain was requesting Wanda to leave for her safety. He cared for her. Some fans state that Ultron transferred his consciousness to the Mind Stone on Vision and got released when Thanos destroyed it.

Wanda’s Father-In-Law

Behind The Scenes MCU Avengers
Behind The Scenes MCU Avengers

No one knows if Wanda is the prisoner or the creator of the reality bubble in WandaVision. But so far, we have seen how Scarlet Witch is manipulating everything around her. All her daydreams and tragedies of the past seem to appear in some form or another. Ultron is one of the most anticipated characters who can also appear in the show. As he technically created Vision, some say that actor James Spader could show up as Wanda’s father-in-law. It would be an interesting turn of events.

When Spider-Man Held Ultron’s Head

Spider-Man’s big throwback to Ultron had sparked a sense of euphoria among fans. Apart from Ultron’s lethal device, Peter Parker had also encountered Ultron’s head in the storage unit. But what left us jaw-dropped and started a chain of theories was Ultron’s beaming red eyes. Could his glowing eyes indicate that he is still alive and very much functional?

Created Back-Up Digital Clones

Ultron was one of the smartest villains on earth due to his AI mind. If he was clever enough to create his drones, he must have also made digital clones of himself and saved them somewhere. Doing that isn’t an impossible task for an android like himself who has access to all the latest tech available and the internet. Perhaps, Ultron and all his drones had a backup for their consciousness that can be resurrected anytime.

Some Drones Survived

There is no guarantee that all of Ultron’s drones were destroyed in the battle of Sokovia. The Avengers could have missed a drone that survived and escaped the battle without being noticed. Luckily, one of them was capture and killed by Vision at the end of the movie. But if anyone drone managed to run away like this one, it can easily resurrect Ultron.

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