DC Comics: Batman’s New Anti-Wonder Woman Weapon Revealed

Batman’s Anti-Wonder Woman Weapon:

We know that Batman is someone who’s prepared for almost everything and is always vigilant. He is known for preparing contingency plans against everyone, as far as for the members of the Justice League too. Simple theory – Batman is not a superhero with superpowers, but a normal person who has a ton of money and fights crime, and his friends in the Justice League are all superheroes and if they ever turn against them the good side of the story, Batman then has something that can take care of these good turned evil superheroes. We have seen him fight against Superman as well, but in the recent issue of Challenge of the Super-Sons #3, DC reveals Batman’s method of taking out Wonder Woman. 

Batman's Anti-Wonder Woman Weapon

Being the non-superpowered member of the Justice League, Batman is the only one who is going to be the easiest to beat if the group ever fights each other. Realizing this, his contingency plans include ‘taking care’ of every member in the Justice League. Several storylines have been spun out of this concept, most notably “Doom” in JLA. On one hand where fans know of multiple ways of how Batman can run past Superman and defeat him, on the other hand not much was known of how Batman would ever handle Wonder Woman, but that changes now.

Batman's Anti-Wonder Woman Weapon

The Super-Sons: Jonathan Kent (son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent) and Damian Wayne (son of Bruce Wayne) must save Wonder Woman from the Death Scroll which is a mysterious scroll that reveals the name of its next victim. As the two rush off, Damian pulls out the Bind of Veils, which he claims was created when the gods “reverse engineered” Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, and essentially created its counterpart. Damian informs Jon that the Bind came from Batman’s private weapon collection, a collection curated to take down the Justice League. Readers never learn how Batman got the Bind. Jon is blown away by this and asks Damian if Batman has a contingency plan for him. Damian tells them he doesn’t.

Part of the appeal of Challenge of the Super-Sons is how the book humorously shines new light on classic character tropes. For instance, a previous issue detailed one of Superman’s costume issues in a very funny manner, and even this issue continues that. One thing to take notice of is that even though everyone is aware of Batman’s paranoia and his contingencies plans of defeating the Justice League, Jon is not even slightly aware of it and is taken by surprise when he gets to know that Batman has a secret weaponry collection that may contain weapons to defeat all of Justice League. How would you react when you would know that your friend’s father has a plan to defeat your dad? Tough pill to swallow, but in this particular issue, Jon handled it pretty maturely.

Batman's Anti-Wonder Woman Weapon

Batman is still at a disadvantage when put up against the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, so he has to figure out to play in their arena; figuring out how to beat each of them should the need arise. Fans have long been curious as to how he would defeat Wonder Woman, and now they know – Bind of Veils.

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