Captain Marvel Gets A Power Upgrade From Mjolnir

We all know how strong is Captain Marvel, so much so that she is regarded as one of the strongest Marvel superheroes. And now, she has more powers than before in the new Captain Marvel #25 issue. Captain Marvel is in an all-new world, as she was teleported from the present into an apocalyptic future where most of Marvel’s heroes are dead. Along with a group of survivors including Thor’s daughter, Hazmat, and Emma Frost, she made her way to Ove’s New Atlantis, which was a paradise among the destruction. After being transferred to a dark Marvel future, Captain Marvel has found herself in trouble after she was captured by Namor’s villainous son Ove, the ruler of New Atlantis.

In the latest issue of her ongoing series, Carol Danvers just teamed-up with Thor’s daughter Brigid to receive a massive power upgrade courtesy of Mjolnir. Ove had kidnapped survivors to fuel his own evil plans and it’s revealed that he’s actually part Asgardian and his mother is the Enchantress. The pair of villains overpower Captain Marvel and the survivors and chain them up. In Captain Marvel #25 by Kelly Thompson, Lee Garbett, Belen Ortega, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Brigid is freed from her own chains by War Machine’s daughter, who’s able to phase through solid objects. Meanwhile, Ove reveals his evil plan to Danvers, saying he wants to use the time-displaced Avenger to travel back in time himself, so he can rule Marvel’s present timeline.

As he exacts a spell to drain Carol of her life force energy, Brigid and Emma Frost attack Ove and Enchantress. After getting attacked by Enchantress’s demons, Brigid summons Mjolnir and transforms after proving she’s worthy. She looks at Captain Marvel and asks her if she ready, as she uses Thor’s trusted hammer to send a blast of energy as Carol, giving her a huge power upgrade. Captain Marvel immediately admits to feeling much better and tells Ove that “you want energy? You’re about to get all you ever wanted and more.” The thunderous blast turns Carol’s costume into a lightning-themed ensemble, as the upgrade seemingly has given her immense energy. It’s another new costume for Carol, who’s going to get a magical power upgrade once this arc concludes.

It is still ambiguous regarding how Carol’s powers were impacted due to the blast from Mjolnir, but it sure seems as if she got a massive power upgrade in form of the hammer’s energy. That’s bad news for Ove and the Enchantress, as an unrestrained Captain Marvel powered by the energy of Mjolnir is about as powerful as a hero can get.

We’ll see Carol’s new powers in action as the next issue wraps up the arc. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel #25 is in stores now for all of you to read and enjoy. The mighty Captain Marvel just got even more powerful.

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