5 Important Things That Everyone Should Know

There are often several instances in life when we think “I should have done that” or “I should not have said that.” Sometimes we regret our indignance, while at other times we rue over our silence. These situations usually arise because we do have enough knowledge about certain situations so as to know how to react or respond. Here are 5 things that everyone should know to be aware of various things that happen around us.

Mirrors- Genuine or Two-Way

Sometimes, without our knowledge, two-way mirrors are installed in various places, especially in restrooms or female changing rooms. Two-way mirrors are the kind where they can see you, but you can’t see them. So how do we escape from such unscrupulousness? It is actually pretty simple.
We should conduct this test- put a finger on the mirror in such a way that it is pointing towards the reflection. If there is a GAP between the reflection and the fingernail, then it is a GENUINE mirror. But if there is NO GAP and it looks as if the fingernail is actually touching the reflection, then it is a TWO-WAY MIRROR.
So the next time, before using the restroom or changing rooms, let us not forget to point our fingers at the mirror!

How To Get Rid Of A Sneeze?

Sometimes, we might be in the middle of a very serious class or discussion, or a period of total silence, when even the slightest rustle could hamper the environment, and suddenly we want to sneeze. How do we stop that? Well, we just have to press our philtrum- the area between the nose and the mouth, with our finger. It actually prevents the sneeze.

Your Apology Can Be More Legit

Often times, we apologize to people, but they aren’t entirely convinced. There is a lot of psychology at play in such situations. And we can use this to our advantage. The most common form of apology which is not accepted is something like, “I’m sorry, but the deadline was too short.” Here, instead of a But, we should use a Pause. In this case, “I’m sorry. (pause) The deadline was too short” will sound more legit than the earlier one. So, the next time we say sorry, pause instead of “butting”.

How To Use A Fire Extinguisher?

A fire can break out at anytime, and anywhere. So, it is not only interesting but also important to know how to use a fire extinguisher. So, in the case of fire emergencies, the basic thing to remember is P.A.S.S – Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.
Step 1: We Pull the pin in the handle, also breaking the tamper seal.
Step 2: We Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
Step 3: We slowly Squeeze the lever or the operating handle. This releases the extinguishing agent.
Step 4: We Sweep from side to side until the whole fire is extinguished. Steps 2 to 4 need to be repeated if the fire is not extinguished or re-ignites.
However, we also need to be careful, since fire is not a toy to be played with. We must know the kind of fire and the kind of extinguishing agent we are dealing with. If we are not sure, we should leave it to the authorities. Also, it should not threaten our safety. And one very important thing to note is, we should aim the extinguisher in a way that we are facing the direction of the wind, so the extinguishing agent moves in the direction of the wind. Otherwise, it might move towards the person using the extinguisher.

Heimlich Maneuver

Like fire, choking can also happen at any time. If we can respond quickly and in the correct manner, we can actually save a person’s life, who might otherwise die of asphyxiation. Heimlich Maneuver is the technique used on the person who is choking to rid her of it. It should be performed in the following manner-
Step 1: We need to stay calm and inspect the situation. If the victim is coughing, we need to encourage her, so that she can take the object out.
Step 2: If the victim can’t breathe, we need to move into Heimlich Maneuver position. We take our one hand at the victim’s middle through the waist, with our fist just above the belly button. We close the fist with our other hand.
Step 3: We quickly and forcefully thrust the victim inward and outward, in a hook-like motion. We do this till the victim coughs out the object. We need to begin CPR if the victim becomes unconscious.
We have seen many times that when a person chokes, others hit the victim at the back. There are several disagreements on this method, whether it will work or not. Although it is not probably wrong, it may not be necessary either.

Adarsh Gautam

Adarsh Gautam is a student of Shri Ram College Of Commerce, University of Delhi. Hailing from the northeastern state of Sikkim, he has a keen interest in music and literature. He plays the bass guitar as his primary instrument. With a hobby for writing, he constantly writes various short stories and articles, and some have been featured in SRCC's Fine Arts Society's blog and English Literary Society's blog. Loves reading and travelling, keeping music as his constant companion. And, is a "Game Of Thrones" fanatic when it comes to entertainment. Also interested in psychology, astro-physics and anime.
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