10 Movie Villains Whose Fate Was Worse Than Death

No matter how many challenges and hurdles the heroes have to face, they always end up defeating the villains. While the plot twists keep changing from movie to movie, the ending is usually inevitable- the hero’s victory. However, not every villain is blessed with death and freedom from life. Some have to endure the defeat and a cruel payback for the rest of their lives. Their sufferings are so painful and endlessly sad that it makes them crave death to break free.  Here are the 10 movie villains whose fate was worse than death. Brace yourselves for some horrifying punishments.

Boba Fett in “Return of the Jedi”

One of the worst fates that anyone could meet in the Star Wars universe was being swallowed by Sarlacc. Sarlacc was a monstrous creature that lived on the basin of the Great Pit of Carkoon in Due Sea. Anyone who fell into the mouth of the monster would be gulped down immediately but had to go through a slow-digestion literally for thousand years. One of the fan-favorite villains Boba Fett who kept them on the edge of the seats unfortunately fell into the Sarlacc pit.

Lotso in “Toy Story 3”

Movie Villains Fate Worse Than Death

Lotso was a tyrant who ruled over all the other toys at the school. He manipulated Buzz’s memories and also attempted to destroy Woody and his friends. While we all feared the flames that would have melted and destroyed the toys, no one saw what was in store for Lotso. He got picked up by a garbage truck man and tied to the trash truck for the rest of his life.

Helen Sharp and Madeline Ashton in “Death Becomes Her”

“Death Becomes Her” was a very sad dark-comedy where Helen and Madeline would go to any lengths to look beautiful. When they stumble upon a magic potion that turns its users beautiful, the two women knew what to do. However, the potion had its fair share of side effects; its users could fall apart any moment and die over and over again without actually ever dying. In the end, as Helen and Madeline return from one of their ex’s funeral who lived a happy and satisfying life, both the women fall apart on the stairs which disembodies their heads and ruins their face for the thousandth time.

Carmine Falcone in “Batman Begins

Movie Villains Fate Worse Than Death
Movie Villains Fate Worse Than Death

Carmine was one of the powerful men in the underworld who helped The Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul to infuse Gotham City with fear toxin. After the plan fails and Carmine is incarcerated, he tries to threaten and blackmail The Scarecrow but in return, gets exposed to the fear toxin himself. It is pretty chilling to even imagine him spending the rest of his days getting hallucinations of the Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum.

Red Skull in the MCU

Marvel Plans to Bring Back Red Skull in The MCU

Red Skull was a megalomaniac who tried every experiment to become the most powerful. He stole the early model of the Super Soldier Serum and injected himself, and also got hold of the Space Stone. You might assume that he learnt his lesson after the serum backfired and destroyed his face, but no, he was far from having a change of heart. The moment he unleashed the Space Stone, Red Skull was wiped out of existence. It wasn’t until “Avengers: Infinity War” where we discover his fate. The Space Stone teleported him to the planet of Volmir to watch over the Soul Stone. In the end, he was forced to stay close to power for an endless amount of time but never got to use it.

The Riddler in “Batman Forever”

By the end of the film when Riddler was almost getting successful in stealing all the information on Gotham City through a brainwave machine, Batman stepped in. The Caped Crusader immediately unplugged the machine connected to The Riddler’s head. However, interrupting the process ended up frying Riddler’s brain forever. He was to the infamous Arkham Asylum where he spent his life assuming that he was Batman.

Anton Bartok in “The Fly II”

Movie Villains Fate Worse Than Death
Movie Villains Fate Worse Than Death

The sinister scientist Anton Bartok got a piece of his own medicine at the end of “the Fly II”. When Martin discovered that Anton mutated his dog into a monstrous being for a science experiment, he decides to free his pet out of misery. He also injects Bartok with his dog’s fly genes and gets rid of his natural DNA. When Anton finally transformed into a hideous creature, Martin locked him up in the same cage where his dog was held captive.

Agent Smith in “The Matrix Revolutions”

Agent Smith ruined his fate with his own hands. He managed to defeat Neo, remove the glitch in the Matrix and become sentient but lost any motivation or purpose to live. Hence, his mind and conscience continue to exist in the Matrix eternally.

Jafar in “Aladdin”

Make your wishes wisely! When the power-hungry Jafar got hold of Aladdin’s lamp, his three wishes didn’t surprise us. His first two wishes were akin to his true nature- to become a sultan and the most powerful sorcerer. But he destroyed his life by trying to be over smart with the lamp. Jafar wished to be a genie himself, so he could grant his wishes always. Unfortunately, he did become a genie but now has to spend an eternity in the lamp.

Emily Taylor in “Side Effects”

Movie Villains Fate Worse Than Death
Movie Villains Fate Worse Than Death

Emily was a cunning woman who killed her husband and blamed her mental instability to get away with it. She pretended to go through depression and claimed that the antidepressants caused her to be violent. When she is sent to the psychiatric hospital for the case, the doctor who was held responsible for prescribing her those anti-depressants took his vengeance in a chilling manner. He sends her to a psychiatric facility for god knows how long.

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