15 Tiniest But Genius Details You Missed In TV Shows and Movies

You may have watched these shows and movies countless times but didn’t notice the subtle hints until now. Every detail doesn’t have to be an Easter-egg or reference; some of them are clearly added for fun by genius artists. These little features were hidden so well in plain sight that most of us missed them.  They may not have had any consequences but the idea behind these details is commendable. Let us know if you ever spotted any of these 15 tiniest but genius details hidden in TV shows and movies.

The Harry Potter Franchise is our honorable mention. After watching the movies a million times, we are sure that you noticed how the logo of ‘WB’ kept getting darker with every part just like the theme. And remember how the logo got closer to the screen with a creak? Well, that’s nothing compared to how the entire seventh part lost its visibility.

The Truman Show

One of the greatest classic films “The Truman Show” is expected to be faithful to details. Since the actors didn’t have access to real sunlight, all of them took Vitamin D supplements. Now that’s a fantastic element to remember and add.

The Polar Express

Anyone could have guessed that the enormous Christmas tree was located on top of the world. That’s because the compass below it pointed south in all directions.

The Lego Movie

‘The Lego Movie’ was a product of CGI but was represented as toys in the movie. Hats off to their attention to detail as they went an extra mile by adding fingerprints to the toys. This gave a realistic impression because the toys are touched and played by kids.

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan is one of the biggest geniuses in the film industry. He is great with attention to details, Easter eggs, and references which only eagle-eyed fans can notice. There is a separate article on all the details hidden in The Dark Knight trilogy but we have taken only one for this list. As Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne makes a grand entrance as the womanizer, he and his girlfriends reflect the CMYK print colors.


Did you ever get a clear glimpse of Lt. Judy Hopps’ iPod playlist in Zootopia? The Academy award-winning film snuck in a fascinating list of pop culture puns in the iPod. From Hyena Gomez to Kanine West and Let It Goat, the puns on animals were on fleek.

Jurassic World

The great T-Rex made its return on the Jurassic World but bore memories from the previous film. The filmmakers didn’t forget to add scratches on its neck as a mark of continuity. It got the scratches from its last fight with the velociraptor in Jurassic Park.

The Matrix

It’s pretty cute how ‘The Matrix’ shot the doorknob scene in order to conceal the camera reflection. If you pause and see carefully, you’ll notice how they covered the camera with a black blazer for camouflage.


Despite all the trouble and feces that Ross Geller had to undergo because of Marcel, he was deeply attached to the monkey. When the time of their separation arrived, Ross wore a banana lapel pin as a gesture of farewell for his little buddy.

Pulp Fiction

No one can expect anything conventional and mundane from Quentin Tarantino. The poor coffee shop manager who had a gun pointed to his head couldn’t finish his line. So, Quentin credits actor Robert Ruth as “Coffee Shop”, indeed.


The movie was almost at its end when Steve Buscemi’s Carl Showalter asks Jerry to wrap things up in 30 minutes. Some viewers noticed that the movie had literally ended in 30 minutes since that moment.

The Road To El Dorado

It wouldn’t take a genius but someone with good observational power to spot this beautiful detail. Dreamworks snuck their logo in an artistic way in the book of spells.

Toy Story 2

Not just Dreamworks, even Pixar knows how to make a cameo of its logo even under the umbrella of Disney. The starry night in the opening scene reflected the Pixar lamp through the constellation.

The Shawshank Redemption

One of Morgan Freeman’s most memorable performances was in “The Shawshank Redemption”. He played the lead character but his son had also made a cameo in the film. The person portraying the young Ellis Boyd Redding in the mugshot was Morgan’s son, Alfonso.

Fight Club

The DVD release of ‘Fight Club’ had a unique warning that no one could have missed. It read that the person reading the warning had nothing better to do and asked them to stop m*sturbating and live a little.


When Juno goes through the adoption ad on the newspaper, some viewers noticed announcements far more interesting than Jennifer Garner’s picture. Two of the announcements had the same number. One of them was for a lost dog and the other was an ad for dog daycare.

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