Terminator & Robocop Crossover Could Revive Both The Franchises

Terminator & Robocop Crossover:

For the lovers of sci-fi lovers and cyborg watchers, the Terminator franchise was a piece of cake. The franchise, The Terminator first released in 1984, has continued to release 6 installments despite the mixed reviews over the years. In recent times, the movie has not been well perceived by the critics and has also failed to deliver the previous figures at the box office. Regardless of this, the franchise continues to put out movies, based on a cyborg using high-tech weapons and powers, in a dystopian world. Similar to that, we have RoboCop which was first released in 1987, revolves around a plot including a dystopian city Detroit, a terminally injured policeman returning to the force as a potent cyborg. RoboCop movie series released three movies in total in the years 1987, 1990, and 1993 respectively. Just like Terminator, people enjoyed the film back then but has lost its touch over the coming years.

Even after the release of RoboCop which was released in 2014, the film had the potential but didn’t quite take off for the audience and failed to leave a mark at the box office. This comes in with the need of rebooting the franchises with respect to their fans. In the past too we have seen these two fan-favourite deadly cyborgs go head to head several times. A comic book series titled RoboCop versus The Terminator in 1992 was written by Frank Miller and was drawn by Walt Simonson. This comic book famously enough got adapted into two competing games for the popular consoles of the time – Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, which by no surprise sold well too. In recent times also saw them cross paths as DLC fighters in Mortal Kombat 11. This just goes on to prove that a crossover between the two is not impossible and unimaginable. It can happen and the fans for sure are looking forward to it and hoping that they will get to see it sometime soon.

When that happens, we can expect a movie with utmost chaos, technology far ahead of its time, a storyline that has two cyborgs going after each other but eventually teaming up for a bigger cause, or whatever the need of the hour would be. Previously the crossover between the two has entertained fans. Moreover, the two franchises desperately need a comeback if they have to continue going on otherwise it would be a waste of such great concepts. If they could join forces, they would get the much-needed jumpstart to the engine. Maybe with fresh new leads, and a more exciting storyline with heinous villains could do the job. Paramount and MGM can decide on the prospectus and figure out a plan of action.

Terminator franchise over the years has given mediocre content that did not fit well with the fans because initially the movies and storyline were fresh. With the changing trends and the need for people to consume better content, the franchise eventually faded into the background. The Terminator Genisys and The Terminator Salvation, both were a critical and commercial flop. The Terminator: Dark Fate harnessed some fairly positive reviews but again was a flop on the financial front. So was RoboCop 3, released back in the 1990s is still considered as one of the worst sequels ever made. Even so, both the names are really big, and won’t stay in the hindsight for long. There’s a high chance that there will be a Terminator 7, and a sequel to all RoboCop movies is in development, but there hasn’t been any update on the project for a year now.

Terminator Dark Fate Death of Terminator Franchise

Fans are eagerly waiting for both the franchises to get back on the top and reclaim their throne, but are just waiting for the day when it will happen. The Terminator and Robocop have a lot of similarities pertaining to their very nature and hence can be beautifully dwelled into displaying and combined into a blockbuster film. This is perhaps one of the many crossovers that could definitely leave a dent in both the franchises but in a good manner.

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The Terminator franchise has now been successfully running for the past 36 years and the first Robocop movie was released 33 years ago. These two franchises need just one more shot at luck to age like fine wine.

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