12 Strategies Famous Celebs Used To Cope Up With Attention

A celeb’s job stretches beyond the studios and sets. They have to deal with pressure from all directions even when they are off-camera. They always watched and followed, which throws their private life out in the open. To make it worse, they are constantly scrutinized by the public on the basis of their personal life. Celebrities rely on various methods and disguise to deal with the ambushing-paparazzi and hide from insane fans. Some of them are undoubtedly hilarious while some break our hearts. Find out the 12 strategies that famous celebs used to cope up with attention.

 1. Leonardo DiCaprio

A prudent person always keeps an umbrella with them in case it ever rains. Leonardo never leaves his house without his black umbrella but he uses it for other purposes. Have you ever spotted a strange man walking with an umbrella resting on his head? That would be Leonardo. The umbrella only lifts for gorgeous Victoria Secrets Models. Clever man!

 2. Bella Thorne

Once a hacker got access to Bella’s phone and threatened to release her nude pictures. But Bella was a tough girl who refused to be thumbed down that easily. She released the intimate pictures herself and also shared the hacker’s contact number with fans. He was soon tracked down by the FBI.

 3. Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint shares the same sense of humor as his popular character Ron Weasley from ‘Harry Potter franchise. After his uncomfortable experience at a fest where he was cheered and carried around by fans, Rupert bought a strange animal costume to cover his face.

 4. Justin Bieber

Strategies Famous Celebs Used
Strategies Famous Celebs Used

If you ever spot an eccentric man with a bizarre disguise, don’t run in the opposite direction. There are high chances of the man being Justin Bieber. Bieber is notoriously famous for donning the weirdest disguise, from fake mustaches to hobo outfits and gas masks.

 5. Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter actor was keen to attend the Comic-Con but like a regular fan and not as a celeb. It was the ideal event and place to hide your identity without raising any eyebrows. Daniel went there in a Spider-Man suit and mask and also changed his accent to American.

 6. Robert Pattinson

Dating has mostly become a source of time pass these days. But would you ever go out with a stalker just out of boredom? Well, the eccentric Robert Pattinson can and we don’t doubt his strange capabilities. After the massive success of Twilight Saga, a fan waited outside his apartment every day for three weeks until Pattinson got bored and called her over. He whined so much about his life on the date that the girl never showed up again.

The actor said “I was playing Salvador Dali in Spain and there was this one girl waiting outside my apartment every day for about three weeks. There was one day when I was just so chronically bored I said to her, ‘Do you want to just go to dinner or something?? No one else wants to hang out with me. “Her parents had a restaurant, she took me there. I complained about everything in my life for about two hours, then she gave me the bill to pay and was never back outside my apartment ever again,”

 7. George Clooney

Strategies Famous Celebs Used
Strategies Famous Celebs Used

Unlike popular belief, George Clooney’s life doesn’t revolve around private jets, fancy condos, and yachts only. The handsome actor enjoys a long bike ride on a clear road as a leisure activity. But celebs aren’t blessed to roam around on their bikes without attracting a crowd. So, George leaves his house at 5 am and goes on a ride so no one catches him.

 8. Taylor Swift

The pop princess who legit grew with cameras around got so sick of the following cameras that she decided to walk backward. Without the celebs’ faces, her pictures would be worthless. There are plenty of instances when she adopted this method and left the paps’ work futile.

 9. Chris Evans

The MCU star is charming and welcoming but he is also an introvert. The humble actor only aimed for the acting life and not the fame that came along. The sudden spotlight he got after signing for Captain America were the hardest days for Evans. He was not used to that sort of attention nor was he inclined to it. That explains why he joined Instagram so late. After fighting back to back anxiety from interviews and premiers, Chris resorted to therapy.

 10. Katy Perry

Strategies Famous Celebs Used

The beautiful Katy has adopted clever methods that promise to keep the Paps at bay. She leaves the house in the same tracksuit which will make her pictures worthless and drive the cameras away eventually.

 11. Johnny Depp

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor made sense when he compared a celeb’s life to that of a fugitive (perhaps a fugitive businessman who hides in their island mansions). The actor says that he has to plan and draw out his every move before leaving the house to dodge attention. He is also one of the celebs who use fan-mail answering companies.

 12. Dustin Hoffman

Dustin has found the best places to hide from the paparazzi or anyone. Clearly, no one can see him when he stands behind the most random object on the street such as poles and leaves to cover his face and to mock the media.

Here is Hoffman hiding behind leaves. Now, who is that kid playing hide n seek?

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