Top 10 Secrets & Reveals In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Teaser

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series is getting its due appreciation and Marvel is continuously teasing their audience by putting out a bunch of easter eggs that will definitely pan out to something very important in the series that will be available for streaming on Disney+. In the newest look released by Marvel, we were stunned when we noticed all these little details and we thought it would be better if ask for your opinion on it as well.

Secrets & Reveals In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Teaser

Here are the top 10 easter eggs in the new trailer of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:

1. “The Legacy of that Shield is… Complicated”


There is a twist, according to reports, the series will add a dark new road into the Captain America mythos as Sam discovers Isaiah Bradley, the first Black Captain America. The initial introduction go the first-ever Black Captain America was in 2003, by Robert Morales in his ground-breaking Truth: Red, White, and Black miniseries. It would actually be surprisingly easy to retcon Isaiah Bradley into the MCU, and it would give the story of Sam Wilson a sharp edge, where we see Sam confused and standing on the horns of a dilemma.

2. Falcon & Winter Soldier May Be In Madripoor

Secrets & Reveals In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Teaser

In the trailer we see the two protagonists appearing in an Asian country that may be the fictional nation of Madripoor, or best described as the Mos Eisley Cantina of the X-Men comics, where most of the island is a jungle and its single city is divided into two sections – Hightown and Lowtown. Both the cities are corrupt in their own way – Highway serving as a global tax haven, and Lowton is noted for its poverty and drug palaces.

3. Captain America’s Shield Is In A Museum

When the trailer begins, we see Captain America’s shield in Smithsonian Institution, whereas at the end of Avengers: Endgame, we saw Steve Rogers (Captain America) passing on his shield to Sam. We believe that Falcon decided to give up the shield because of the circumstances he got it in, no matter how prized of a possession it is. And consequently, the US government would reasonably insist they had the right to choose Captain America’s replacement.

4. Police Reacting To A Crisis

Secrets & Reveals In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Teaser

In the trailer we see an elite police force holding shields with “Justiz” written on them which is German. They react to an unseen crisis. Even if we assume that this particular motion or much of it is based in Germany, we wouldn’t be that wrong as previously also we have seen the MCU head to that country for movies like Captain America: Civil War as well, because the Sokovia Accords were signed in Germany.

5. Flag Smasher’s Terrorist Group

We might have also got a look at the new villains of The Falcon and Winter Soldier series, and they appear to be a terrorist group with a mysterious logo and appearance. Tie-in merchandise has confirmed that this is the logo of Flag-Smasher, initially a terrorist who opposed nationalism and launched a couple of attacks on what he considered to be the symbol of world separatism. So basically, we know he bitterly hates the entire concept of Captain America and whatever he stands for. In the comics, Flag-Smasher is a wealthy former diplomat who used his immense wealth to acquire a remarkable amount of advanced weaponry, which would explain why he’s so dangerous.

6. Madripoor Shows Again, Probably

Secrets & Reveals In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Teaser

When Sam and Bucky are on a trawler, they arrive at a small dock, location is uncertain, but the design of the trawler matches with portrayals of Madripoor ships in the X-Men comics. So we can say that they might have entered or they might have been leaving Madripoor. Visually there is nothing to confirm where this dock is, so Madripoor can’t be ruled out.

7. The Winter Soldier Explaining Symbolism

“People need something to get behind,” Bucky Barnes explains to Falcon. This is a very important shot as we see Bucky’s ability to explain the emotional situation of people after the ‘snap’. Not only the people are still recovering from the blip, but are also now certain that aliens exist and cause damage that even the strongest protectors could not prevent the first time. Bucky may well sense similarities between this and the buildup to the Second World War when the world last needed a man to step up as Captain America.

8. Falcon’s New Costume

Secrets & Reveals In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Teaser

Viewers finally get a proper costume at Falcon’s new suit, albeit a blurry one because we can see him in a swift motion as he swoops through the air. This tells us that Falcon has commissioned a new costume, maybe from Stark Industries again, and this suggests that he has reconciled himself with the idea that he will never become Captain America. But this is just the in-universe perspective. It’s a tremendous design, but hopefully, Sam will be wearing another costume by the end of the series, basically owning up to his responsibilities as Captain America. 

9. Zemo Grieves For His Family’s Loss

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier sees Daniel Brühl return as Baron Zemo. Last seen in Captain America: Civil War, set photos have suggested Falcon and Winter Soldier team up with Zemo – presumably against Flag-Smasher. A very powerful scene in the trailer is where Zemo is still grieving for his family, but hopefully, he is not so vengeful anymore. This is followed by another moment seen before, in which the Winter Soldier drops bullets in front of Zemo as a demonstration of his strength.

10. Falcon Proves He’s An Excellent Spy

Secrets & Reveals In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Teaser

The Falcon wings are typically used for aerial combat, but the trailer proves that Sam Wilson is perfect for reconnaissance and infiltration as well. In a well-constructed shot, we see Falcon diving down next to a truck and then slips underneath it, and then holds onto the understructure in order to stay aboard. The mountainous region in the background is difficult to place, but it is reminiscent of the Cascades.

All this proves that the trailer was one massive tease and the fans are only looking forward to more. Let us know in the comments if you have found any easter eggs too.

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