Major Plot Holes And Mistakes Made In The Fast And Furious Movies

Fast and Furious is a film series that has some hardcore fans eagerly waiting for every sequel to drop. From high-speed car chases to action-packed sequences, crazy money heists, and jaw-dropping missions. Now because of this, even if the story falls out every now and then, the fans wouldn’t mind because they saw what they wanted to see. The movie has a reputation of bringing in chaos considering its very nature, and we wouldn’t lie, over the years this franchise has successfully smashed the box office and got themselves a fanbase. Here are some of the major plot holes and mistakes made in the Fast and Furious movies over the years and not even noticed by the fans. Hardcore fans may have noticed and only wish for it not to happen again:


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8) Dom And The Team Survived A Missile Explosion:

Okay, we get it that the cars super fast but as far as we can date our knowledge back to, are they even faster than an aiming missile? No, they’re not. But if you’re watching Fast And Furious, you may want to put your Physics’s pack of knowledge on the side. It’s almost impossible to gulp down the fact that in The Fate of the Furious scene where Dom claims that the missile will engulf him but the ever-loyal crew came to his aid, they escaped with minimal damage to the cars, almost looking as if they just went for a round around the block?

7) World’s best hacker is Tej :

There’s nothing he can’t hack, and no security he cannot breach. Sure, sometimes we see him struggle with the hacking and technical stuff, but that is just to humanise him otherwise he’ll be referred to as the god of hacking. In Furious 7 we see him doing way more than the things mentioned in his CV – he prepared the team’s arsenal of vehicles, implements vehicles after dismantling two cars and “joining” them, even put GPS with gazillion other things, in a single night. Stop robbing because with skills like these you can have a very successful auto body shop.

6) Ignoring Laws of Nature As If They Don’t Exist:

In the “one last job” Fast and Furious literally forgets one too many things while scripting, i.e., physics, the law of motion, and whatnot. Flying between buildings with cars, dragging a safe through the street, moreover ripping it from inside a building.

5) Cops Can’t Catch A Car That Has A Tanker Attached To It:

After the team successfully steals a tanker, they gave out some of this gas to fill up cars. When Han tells Dom that cops are aware of this movement, they call the entire plan into question and it all ends up in a sequence where a police car chases Dom’s care that has a tanker attached to it, but cannot catch.

4) Letty Came Back From The Dead:

Letty Ortiz, played by Michelle Rodriguez, died in the fourth film according to the plot and came back in the sixth movie, in no extravagant way. It was obvious why she cast and reintroduced in the franchise again, she’s charismatic and knows her way around her dialogues and body language.

3) Cars That Cannot Be Destroyed:

No matter what the sequence includes – cars derailing each other, driving off of buildings, or surviving a missile explosion, these cars have some kind of super-strength or the most durable paint job there is because they hardly end up with a couple of scratches and just go about their day.

2) The Microchip Heist:

When Dom and his crew team up with a gang to steal a couple of cars stowed away on a train, they didn’t know that the gang isn’t after the cars after all, but a microchip that is in one of the cars radio. Why not just tell Dom and his crew to retrieve that? Maybe lack of trust and he was afraid they might keep it for themselves, or they wanted to add another heist in the movie to add some content.

1) Pregnant Elena Is Unscathed After The Explosion:

In Furious 7, when Deckard Shaw throws a timed explosive towards Elena, Hobbs steps in to save her and as a result, they both are thrown flying out of the window. But later we realise that Elena and her baby, both remained uninjured and didn’t have any scratches on them. So maybe the timed explosive wasn’t good enough to cut Elena’s diamond-like skin.

Even after all this, one cannot deny that the movies are entertaining and do leave the fans asking for more.

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