Will X-23 Don the Mantle of WOLVERINE in Future X-Men Movies?

Logan has been famous for one thing- It will be actor Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of the Wolverine character on screen. Jackman has been playing the character for more than a decade, more than any other actor in superhero movies. Logan is also the only character if Fox’s X-Men Franchise who has been a consistent character throughout all the franchise’s filmography that dates back to the 2000’s.


It seems as though Jackman’s retirement of the role will also be the end of the Wolverine character for the  silver screen as well. Said Jackman:

“This will be my last one. It just felt like it was the right time to do it…I kind of have in my head what we’re going  to do it in this last one. It just feels like this is the perfect way to go out”

The upcoming film’s Instagram site Wponx confirmed that Laura Kinney will be a huge factor in Logan. This has led to the question that is on every fan’s mind: Will Laura Kinney aka X-23 is the new Wolverine in the films? It seems like there are many possibilities that could lead up to this. Here are a few theories:



In the comics, Laura Kinney or X-23 is the mutant clone of Wolverine. Nathaniel Essex or Mister Sinister  and his Essex Corp were responsible was creating the young girl in an attempt to clone Wolverine. After many failed attempts, scientist Sarah Kinney came up with the idea of turning the clone into female which resulted in X-23 being conceived. She was raised from childhood to become a merciless killer, which traumatized the young girl for life. Sarah Kinney frees the young girl before she was manipulated by scientist Zander Rice to murder Kinney.

The Logan trailer had depicted a similar event of X-23 being on the run, being hunted down by The Reavers .

The Fateful Meeting with Wolverine


After her escape from the lab, Laura Kinney goes on the man-hunt for Wolverine, whom all her anger rest upon. But their meeting becomes a blessing for the young mutant, as Logan brought her to the X-Men which started her journey into heroism. Logan also became a father figure for the young girl, and reluctantly looked after the girl as his own daughter, even though biologically she really was his daughter.

In the Logan trailer, we see that Logan is also taking care of the young Laura as well an older Professor X. It’s not hard to think that a father/daughter relationship would develop. But how much the movie will cover is another thing altogether.

Taking on The Wolverine Title

x-23 movies wolverine

He dies in Death Of Wolverine. Laura has already grown into a full-fledged woman due to her fast acting developing the body. She took on the role of Wolverine in All-New Wolverine to pay tribute to her father. Logan has yet to be resurrected in the comic world, which makes Laura the reigning Wolverine in the Marvel Comic Universe.

It would be up to Fox to really continue with Logan after Hugh Jackman’s leave. As the studio has already done a soft reboot of the X-Men franchise, it takes little to wonder if Wolverine will also face the same fate. They could also be taking this last Wolverine movie to explore the chances of bringing a whole new character for audiences to love in future movies. So, everything so far will only be speculation until an official word has been said from the studios.

What do you feel about a new Wolverine coming to the big screen?

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