10 Stupidest But Hilarious Characters In The MCU Movies

One of the best things about MCU is how it explores every character beyond the mainstream fights. Each character adds some spice and color with their distinct features. Some like Tony Stark and Loki use wit while others like Scott Lang add goofiness to the plot. Marvel Universe hasn’t forgotten to create dumb characters whose main task is to either mess things up or be comedic relief. These bunch of idiots includes heroes, villains as well as supporting characters. Some characters’ stupidity cost them a lot while others managed to use strength or luck to win. Regardless of their wrong decisions, we still adore some of these dumdums. Without further ado, let us dive into the 10 stupidest but hilarious characters in the MCU movies.

 1. Darcy Lewis

Darcy is a student of political science at Culver University who chose to assist astrophysicists Eric Selvig and Jane Foster in their research. Obviously, she had no idea about what they were working on or talking about, yet she preferred to be their assistant while her program was political science.

 2. Trevor Slattery

Trevor was a drunk and dumb actor who pretended to be Mandarin, head of a terrorist organization. The intimidating and clever image that he had portrayed initially stood nowhere near his real personality. Trevor was such a fool that he agreed to be the face behind terrible attacks in exchange for money. He didn’t mind being the most wanted criminal in the world as long as he had some money. Moreover, he even admitted to Iron Man that all his guns were fake. Way to put your neck under a blade.

 3. The Other

Hilarious Characters In MCU
Hilarious Characters In MCU

The Other was Thanos’ personal servant who represented the Mad Titan in his absence and delivered his messages or possessions. While representing his master, the Other began to consider himself equivalent to Thanos in terms of power and strength. This mistake made him pay the price as he spoke to Ronan the Accuser with disrespect.

 4. Drax The Destroyer

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

Drax is a comedic relief and one of the most lovable characters in the MCU. He is hilarious but doesn’t realize when he cracks a joke with his dumb actions. Puns, sarcasm, and metaphors go right over his head no matter how hard he tries to “catch it”. All these moments can be ignored as being funny but one of his blunders had almost cost the Guardians their lives. Drax never thinks before taking any action and jumps straight into kill and slam mode without any planning. His stubbornness to summon Ronan on Knowhere not only make him lick the dust off the ground but also got Gamora and Quill captured.

 5. Taserface

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Taserface Thor 2 Hilarious Characters In MCU
Hilarious Characters In MCU

Taserface was part of the Ravagers who took over Yondu’s leadership and held him captive. Instead of killing Yondu and Groot straightaway, he kept them alive because Groot was “too adorable to kill”. Taserface had no brains but only arrogance and tried hard to scare people off with his name and loud voice. His dumbest decision was to keep Yondu alive and not care about his arrow and fin. This mistake led to his defeat and explosion.

 6. Roger Harrington

Peter Parker’s science teacher and a student of Culver University may be book smart but he clearly lacked street smartness. He was not a man to carry the responsibility for kids due to his lack of awareness about lurking danger. He never raised his eyebrows at the mysterious upgrades to new places that were coincidentally subjected to threats and attacks.

 7. Topaz

Topez was a loyal bodyguard of Grandmaster who is arrogant to everyone but her boss. She never gave thought to her actions but simply reacted to every situation out of ego and scorn. She was easily defeated during Thor, Bruce, and Valkyrie’s escape since her decisions were clouded by her pride. But her dumbest moment was when Grandmaster asked her to use the term “Slaves” and she replaced it with “prisoners with jobs”.

 8. Luis, Dave, Kurt

Hilarious Characters In MCU
Hilarious Characters In MCU

Luis and the other two friends of Scott are some of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe. Ant-Man’s high-level adventures are incomplete without these criminal allies. Although they have criminal records, these guys are innocent, funny, and totally mean well. All they need is a second chance to do the right thing and help Scott in fighting the criminals. Despite their intentions, they always manage to mess things up and get stuck in problems.

 9. Star-Lord

Star-Lord is a generous and warm-hearted man but he wears his swag and emotions right on his sleeves. He isn’t dumb but he has screwed things up plenty of times for getting carried away by emotions. Had he not lost his temper over Thanos in Infinity War, the superheroes would have succeeded in taking away the Infinity Gauntlet from the Mad Titan and won the war.

 10. Mantis

It isn’t Mantis’s fault that she appears oblivious and unintelligent as compared to others. She spent all her life in isolation. She has no idea about the universe or the beings, their customs, nature, or how they function. She was not even taught the basic etiquette that we were as kids, so it would be unfair to expect her to behave according to her age.

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