Fascinating Hidden Details In Captain America Movies Noticed By Fans

Hidden Details In Captain America Movies:

Everybody loves America’s a$$. Steve Rogers aka Captain America represents integrity, bravery, and compassion. He belongs to a time where kindness was not a virtue but an innate characteristic of everyone. He had a superhero within him long before he took the Super Soldier Serum. It was his bravery and dedication towards his country and humanity that made him the Cap. Steve Rogers sacrificed his life and love interest for the greater good. But today, we are not going to sing his tales of bravery but talk about the interesting details hidden smartly by directors Joe and Anthony Russo (The Russo Brothers) in the trilogy. MCU loves to sneak in Easter eggs, comic book references, and small hints in the movies. Only the diehard fans who watched them hundred times were able to spot the clues. Here is a list of fascinating hidden details in Captain America Movies- The First Avengers, The Winter Soldier, and Civil War.

Cap’s Uniform

The costumes department have to change the costume designs depending on the director’s choice. While Joss Whedon and Joe Johnston wanted to stay loyal to the comic books, the Russo Brothers envisioned a suit that’s more realistic. That’s why Cap’s uniform in The Winter Soldier and Civil War didn’t have the red and blue on it like the one in The First Avenger. It was realistic and fitted well with Cap’s changing stance on SHIELD and the government. By the time he appears in Avengers: Infinity War, all the stars and Avengers logo were also removed.

The Stage Resembled His Shield

In The First Avengers, when Steve was America’s “face” and a celebrity, he went from place to place to give performances. You need to be attentive to notice that his stage lights and décor mirrored his Shield.

Changed Bucky In The Comic Books

The Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier was pretty much loyal to the comic book version. But the Bucky in The First Avenger was tweaked in the movies. As per the pages, he was a teenager who accompanied Captain America to adventures as a sidekick. This Bucky also wore a mask like Zorro. That explains why the comic books sold to kids in Captain America: The First Avengers had a different cover. The director didn’t want to clash the timelines.

Bucky Knows 30 Languages, Indeed

When Bucky describes how the Winter Soldiers were trained and what they were capable of, he says “They speak 30 languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilise. They can take a whole country down in 1 night. You’d never see them coming.” Later in the film, he is the only one to understand the PA announcement reflecting his ability to understand 30 languages.

Cap’s Birthday

This is the most bizarre and obvious date picked for the person born to serve America. One wouldn’t even have to guess his Steve Rogers’s birthday. From the moment we saw his document that revealed his date of birth to be the Fourth of July, we knew that this man was born to be ‘Captain America’.

Steve Roger’s To-Do List

Steve scribbled down his to-do list in the writing pad like our grandpas. If you think that was adorable then wait till you see what he actually wrote. Coming from the’40s and skipping so many years in between, Cap tries to stay updated with the latest trends. In order to get the famous references and the current generated, he writes down trendy things. Some of them included watching Star Wars (already crossed), learn about Steve Jobs, Moon Landing, Rocky and Rocky 2, Nirvana band, etc. Interestingly, the list was different in every country the movie released.

Doctor Strange Easter-egg

The indiscreet name drop in The Winter Soldier was the most popular Easter egg in the film. When Sitwell reveals about Zola’s algorithm that evaluates people’s pasts to predict their future and wipe out potential dangers, he drops several targets. One of the names that he takes is Steven Strange. And right after two years, Doctor Steven Strange joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bucky And Steve’s Father From Same Infantry

In the opening scene, Steve Rogers talks about his father during the army selection process. He explains that his father was in hundred and seventh infantry and died from an exposure to mustard gas. Later, Bucky is also selected in the “one-o-seventh” like Steve’s father.

The Watergate Shot

Before Steve Rogers learns that Nick Fury was right about SHIELD being compromised and infiltrated by HYDRA, a shot of the Watergate Hotel was taken. This hotel marked one of the most infamous scandals in history that forced the then-President Richard Nixon to resign. The Watergate shot indicated at the situation inside SHIELD

Emblem of The Howling Commandos

Not just Captain America, even the Emblem of the howling Commandos had their own logo. It was a combat group that was led by Captain America during World War II. It was founded in the early ‘40s but continued to go on missions even after Cap’s “death”. You need to be eagle-eyed to spot the emblem on their uniform that resembled the wings on Cap’s helmet. Eventually, the logo of Shield also ends up getting inspired from his logo.

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