MCU Movies That Addressed Social Issues of Real World

MCU Movies Addressed Social Issues:

Over the years, the MCU had explored the world of superheroes and magic. Even though its primary focus has been on the fantasy world, it subtly navigates its storylines to real-life social issues that are crucial to bringing under the notice of the audience. Some appreciate how it addresses the problems of the real world and calls it a move to spread awareness while others call it an opportunistic tapping on current social debates to gain attention. Whatever the motive, Marvel Universe deserves to be recognized for its political awareness and for highlighting the crisis that threatens humanity. Find out 10 MCU movies that addressed social issues of real life.

 1. Spider-Man: Far From Home- Influence of Media

Avengers: Endgame Tony Stark

Spider-Man aka Peter Parker has always represented the youth and the daily challenges they face. Far From Home sheds light on the influence of media and how it manipulates the truth under powerful people. Mysterio tapped on this opportunity. He created an illusion of disaster to spread fear amongst people and stepped in as their hero.

 2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Corruption of Bureaucracy

MCU Movies Addressed Social Issues

The Winter Soldier digs deep into government operations and how they get influenced by personal agendas. The fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. installs the latest tech satellites to spy on the world mirrors with how the powerful countries invade the privacy and freedom of the inferior ones. Additionally, HYDRA’s infiltration in the government realms also reflects the existence of political motivations and corruption at the highest level.

 3. Iron Man- Weapon Profiteering

Superheroes Who Reveal Their Secret Identities

Mass-murders and gun violence are becoming a serious issue day after day. But roots to this violence go deeper than the terrorists or enemies. It comes back to our home where big corporations are profiteering from selling weapons which ultimately reach the wrong hands just as it was revealed in Iron Man. Tony Stark became a billionaire by providing the latest tech, missiles, and ballistics for the war. It wasn’t until later that he learned that his creations were used by terrorists to attack innocents.

 4. Captain America: Civil War- Government Interference

Avengers: Endgame Captain America: The First Avenger

Civil War was all about fighting the excessive control, interference, and surveillance by superior powers in the name of world peace. We see in our daily lives how the powerful country regulates the global organizations for political agendas and end up impacting the welfare and growth of the rest of the world. Similarly, Captain America and some Avengers were fighting against the government’s control over their powers and mission to save the world.

 5. Black Panther– Voices Against Oppression

MCU Movies Addressed Social Issues

Black Panther was a celebration and representation of the Black culture in the most unique and wonderful way. Marvel showed novelty in representing an empowering side of the historically oppressed group that is mostly shown in a stereotyped manner in other movies. Furthermore, the way Wakanda opened its gates to the world in order to share its technology and use it to provide aid to countries in need mirrored the interventions made by privileged countries in world politics.

 6. Spider-Man: Homecoming- Big Corporate Killing Small Businesses

MCU Movies Addressed Social Issues
MCU Movies Addressed Social Issues

The movie starts with Adrian Toomes, alter ego Vulture, leading an honest life by running a salvage company. He was given the contract to clean up the city after the Battle of New York. But the contract was snatched away from here by the Department of Damage Control and Stark Industries. Losing contracts to the bigger sharks led to the shutdown of Toomes’ firm. As a result, he was forced to don the suit of Vulture and sell stolen advanced tech of these companies illegally.

 7. Iron Man 3- PTSD

Next Iron Man MCU

Iron Man 3 takes place after the events of the Battle of New York in Avengers. Tony Stark has become one of the most beloved characters in the MCU because of how the viewers can relate to him. He might be a superhero but he is not immune to physical and mental agony. Watching the destruction at the hands of aliens and self-proclaimed Gods was a first time experience for Stark. Moreover, he nearly escaped death after flying out of the atmosphere of the Earth. Even though they had won the battle, its effects on Tony’s mental health were stronger and not easy to defeat.

 8. Avengers: Age of Ultron- Cons Of AI Dependency

Doctor Doom & Adam Warlock Series Disney+

Artificial intelligence and machine learning gulping down millions of jobs are some of the major concerns of today. AI definitely has its own pros of convenience and efficiency which has cast a shadow over its cons. The advanced and fast-learning AI that was created to ease the lives of humans may soon be taking over mankind with the power we have handed over to it.

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