10 Future Face Offs of Marvel That We’re Eagerly Waiting For (Vol. 1)

The MCU will soon be crawling with many new Marvel heroes and villains. The future of the MCU will be even more integrated as the entire house of Marvel will now be brought into the picture in the next 3-4 years. We’re going to see the Eternals, Celestials, Inhumans, Mutants, Atlanteans, the Spider-verse characters, the cosmic characters, and possibly even the Defenders. So, a lot of crossovers will now become possible, and here’s a list of 10 face-offs that we most eagerly want to witness.

Black Panther & Namor

Marvel Future Face Offs

The loss of Chadwick Boseman has been very tragic for Hollywood & fans all across the globe. It may cause a delay in Black Panther 2, but the one thing that we’re certain about is that Black Panther 2 will feature a battle between Wakanda and Atlantis. Black Panther is going to take on Namor the Submariner and their clash will really be a treat to watch.

She-Hulk & the Red Hulk

Marvel Future Face Offs

The She-Hulk series will in a way be a sequel for The Incredible Hulk. So, multiple characters from The Incredible Hulk are suspected to return. Given the recent trajectory of Secretary Ross in the MCU, it is more or less confirmed that he will turn into the Red Hulk. So She-Hulk & Smart Hulk will most likely be fighting Thunderbolt Ross’ Red Hulk. We hope that this clash happens on Disney+ because it would prove to be a very strong start from Jennifer Walters in the MCU.

Spider-Man & Venom

Whatever may be the clauses of the new deal between Sony & Disney, the one thing that we can be certain of is that Venom & Spider-Man are going to battle each other. It may happen in Spider-Man 4 or in Venom 3. But we’re sure that we will get to witness Tom Hardy go up against Tom Holland, and it’s going to be colossal!

Blade & Morbius

Marvel Future Face Offs

Vampires are coming to both the MCU and SPUMC. Since Adrian Toomes showed up in the Morbius trailer, it seems that the characters of the MCU could show up in Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters and vice-versa. If that is the case, then a fight between Mahershala Ali’s Blade and Jared Leto’s Morbius has to happen.

Thor & Hercules

Thor Hercules
Thor Hercules

Thor has fought the heroes and robots from Earth. He has fought many cosmic beings like a fire dragon from Muspelheim, the Chitauri army, the Leviathans, the Kronans, Dark Elves, Frost Giants, Outriders and obviously Thanos. But there are several other Thor match ups which we haven’t yet witnessed. One of those is a fight against Hercules. It may not happen any time soon, but we’re sure that it will be a thing in the future.

The Guardians & Adam Warlock

Marvel Future Face Offs

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 laid a hint for the future. Ayesha brought Adam Warlock into the world and he has not showed up ever since. But now that the Guardians will be focused upon in Vol. 3, we suspect that Adam Warlock will be a part of the film as well. So, he & the Guardians should definitely fight each other because that’s the purpose of Warlock’s upbringing. Because Peter Quill doesn’t have his celestial abilities anymore, it will be interesting to see how he & his team fights the Golden being.

Wolverine & the Hulk

Now that Wolverine is coming to the MCU, a match up between him and the Hulk has become very plausible. So, once Logan has been brought up to speed and Hulk regains his arm & anger, we believe that they will take each other on at some point of time. That’s what we all have been waiting to see ever since the Avengers brought in Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.

Deadpool & Taskmaster

Marvel Future Face Offs

When Deadpool steps into the MCU, he could become Marvel’s new cameo man after Nick Fury. What we mean to say is that he could have crossovers with anyone and everyone. He could team up with other heroes to fight villains or he could take on other mutants or heroes himself. But the one fight that we do want to witness is between Deadpool & Taskmaster. We feel that Taskmaster won’t be a one-off villain. After Black Widow, he will become an Anti-hero, and his suit and abilities will definitely evolve. So, he’d be the one to deliver a great fight against the undying Deadpool. Let’s hope that it ends up happening in the Thunderbolts project.

Avengers & the X-Men

It may take a few years for the X-Men to form as a team within the MCU, but we’re positive that Kevin Feige has already plotted a roadmap for their arrival. So, once they arrive as a team, all that we’re going to look forward for is a match-up between the Avengers and the X-Men. This face-off in itself would allow many heroes to go up against each other. It could be even bigger and better than the Civil War battle.

Doctor Doom & Magneto

Marvel Future Face Offs

Marvel will surely work hard upon Doctor Doom’s character arc as they’d want to make him an even bigger villain than Thanos was. As for Magneto, his story is going to be very different than what we’ve seen in Fox’s X-Men movies. He will probably be an Anti-hero and not an outright villain. And once Doctor Doom rises to glory, we want Magneto to unleash his wrath upon Doom.

Which other fights would you like to witness in the MCU? Tell us in the comments section.

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