How Marvel’s Agents Of Shield Season 5 Will Connect The Show To MCU

Marvel’s Agents of Shield has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. There have been ups and downs to the TV Series. After an explosive Season 1, season 2 made a mark but not as big and wide as its predecessor. Season 3 was a complete let down with meager storytelling elements and minuscule character development apart from that of Skye and Coulson. While the third season was certainly praised for the Season 4 was the real deal. It showed the best of Agents of Shield and made fan fall in love with the series. With Season 5, Marvel’s Agents of Shield is set to take it up a notch. But as the only television link to the MCU, how exactly are Agents of Shield supposed to further the collective marvel cinematic agenda?

The connections to the movies are certainly becoming more subtle in the successive seasons but they are most definitely there. With Season 5 taking the core cast members of Agents of Shield to outer space, the stage looks to be set for prime time cosmic adventures. At a Los Angeles media event, the showrunners said it wasn’t just a coincidence that Agents of Shield now takes place in the far reaches of outer space after space themed movies like Thor: Ragnarok and GotG vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

Series producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen had this to say:

“We try to a little bit follow in the wake of the films as they plot new territory in the MCU,” Whedon told press. “Last year that was magic, with Doctor Strange. We felt like Ghost Rider all of a sudden fit into our show in a way that we didn’t necessarily feel like he would have before, tonally. And this is us expanding out even further into the world of space which they very much are living in now in the features. It’s the great unknown, and we hadn’t explored it yet.”

The Agents of Shield are in space but it doesn’t mean they are gonna hear “I am Groot” anytime soon. As Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen explain earlier, the show is supposed to be a subtler tie-in to the entire MCU franchise.

There won’t be an appearance from major characters like Nick Fury did in Season 1. There will be thematic connections for sure but no direct ones. The viewers will have to connect the dots by themselves.

“It’s a thematic tie,” Whedon tells the Press. “We try to make it feel like that the whole thing is moving in this swelling direction. We’re not in space for no reason. We wouldn’t have gone there if they hadn’t. The overt ties were a necessity of starting out, but those have faded over time, basically because we have our own mythology. That started to be much more interesting to us, and hopefully to the audience, just digging that stuff up. No one wants to come to see our show to see another show. Now they want to see our show, which, yay.”

Maurissa Tancharoen adds :

“ We are glad we are here with that.”

Agents of Shield has continued to wow audiences with its experimental story telling devices and wonderful choice of villains and riveting plot twists and details. Now with the entire venue about to move to the upper cosmos and into space, the anticipation and enthusiasm will be just as much. They really need their A-game for this one.

“Every year we reset the series, and this year we definitely knew that it would be the most giant reset to date,” Tancharoen adds. “Just creatively across the board for everyone, art direction, all of it, our sets, you’ll see an overhaul.”

The official synopsis of Season 5 of Agents of Shield states: 

Agent Coulson and the team escaped LMD Aida’s Framework and awakened in the real world. Little did they know that Aida was now fully human – and with multiple Inhuman abilities – with the dangerous notion that, with Fitz by her side, she could change the world. After defeating her with the aid of Ghost Rider, the team went out for a celebration but were interrupted by a mysterious man who rendered them frozen. The next thing we see is Coulson onboard a ship… in space.

agents_of_shield-season-3 marvel MCU

Coulson will discover that some, but not all, of his S.H.I.E.L.D. colleagues were taken with him and placed onboard the ship. As they come in contact with some of the vessel’s inhabitants, it becomes abundantly clear that something has gone terribly awry, and the team will need to figure out their role and delve deeper into this nightmarish mystery to try to right what has gone incredibly wrong

With a two hour episode season premiere, Agents of Shield Season 5 airs on ABC today. Watch it and connect the dots yourself.

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