10 Interesting Links Between MCU Movies That You May Have Missed

Links Between MCU Movies:

As MCU fans we have learned one critical thing about it that it loves to leave bread crumbs here and there. The franchise doesn’t make conventional superhero movies where a villain wreaks havoc and gets defeated in the end. Its movies are full of suspense, twists, humor, and teasing hints. We are not in it just for the action but also to dig little information and Easter eggs it hides in the films. It’s fun how MCU movies are connected with discreet details that escape a non-fan’s eyes. You need to be invested in the story and every movie to understand the hints. It can be in the form of a sign or a dialogue or simply a tribute to the previous film. Find out the 10 interesting links between MCU movies that you may have missed.

 1. When Peter Tied Up Peter

Guardians and the Avengers crossover was the most-awaited moment in the Marvel Universe. Although it had a funny start since the heroes didn’t trust the other’s team. Peter Quill aka Star-Lord immediately grabbed Spider-Man and tied him up with a laser rope. It reminded us of the first time Star-Lord tied up Gamora the same way in Guardians of the Galaxy when they were rival thieves.

 2. Captain America’s Shield in Iron Man

Cap’s famous red and blue shield has shown up in Iron Man even before Captain America: The First Avenger was out. The link seemed like a major nod to the character joining the Marvel Universe in the movies. His shield reappeared in Iron Man 2 when Stark and Agent Coulson used it to hold a pipe.

 3. Eric Killmonger’s Connection To Doctor Strange

Links Between MCU Movies
Links Between MCU Movies

Wondering how the Supreme Sorcerer and the world of Black Panther in Wakanda be connected? While one deals with mystic arts, the other is the lives of advanced technology. But Black Panther dropped a major Easter egg when Eric took the throne and said that he had allies in London, New York, and Hong Kong. These are the same cities where the Sanctum Sanctorum is situated. And given the history of Marvel, this can’t be a coincidence.

 4. When Hulk Smashed Thor

Hulk and Loki’s first encounter in The Avengers has broken records as one of the most-watched videos. It still cracks us up to watch the angry Hulk toss the proud God by grabbing his hair and repeatedly smashing him. His one-liner “puny God!” became a legendary dialogue. It was relived again after several years in Thor: Ragnarok but this time it was Thor at the mercy of Hulk. Loki’s excitement was worth watching as said “Yeah, that’s how it feels”.

 5. Do Suits Make Superheroes Heroes?

Who would have thought Tony Stark to become such a responsible father-like figure to his mentor? When Tony confiscated Peter Parker’s Spider-Man suit for mucking up, the teenager said that he was nothing without the suit. To this Tony sternly replied, “If you’re nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” It was a throwback to The Avengers where Steve Rogers asked Tony who he was without his big armor suit. Tony being Tony replied confidently “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”

 6. Reference to Star Wars

It’s no surprise that MCU has been inspired by Star Wars in many ways from the sequenced storytelling to the sound design. Another major reference to the franchise took place in Phase 2 with almost every character from Bucky Barnes to Killian, Malekith, Ulysses Klaue, and Groot losing an arm like Luke.

 7. Point Break

Tony Stark’s style of using movie references every now and then makes him our favorite Avenger. And calling Thor ‘Point Break’ was right on point due to his resemblance with Patrick Swayze. As a God from the outside world, Thor didn’t realize the reference until later. We might have forgotten about it but Tony didn’t. When Thor was trying to escape Sakaar in a Quinjet, he couldn’t operate without the saying the code set by Tony. The jet recognizes him as ‘Thor’ but accepted him as identified himself as ‘Point Break’.

 8. Sun Is Getting Real Low

Avengers: Endgame Hulk

Unlike most of the head-scratching connections, this one is on the light side. We and the Avengers know that only Natasha Romanoff can calm down Hulk by saying “The sun’s going down” with her soft and warm voice. Thor attempted to use the same trick on Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok which was a far cry from gentle. So, he ended up facing his inevitable fate.

 9. Bucky Using The Shield

Links Between MCU Movies
Links Between MCU Movies

Since Captain America: The First Soldier, the only person we have watched using the shield in swag apart form Captain America was his best friend Bucky. He used the shield again in Winter Soldier with such a force and speed and it sliced a van in two halves. Fans assumed it to be an indication of Bucky carrying Cap’s mantle after his retirement but to our surprise, that didn’t happen.

 10. “I Can Do This All Day”

Links Between MCU Movies
Links Between MCU Movies

This line was first said by Steve Rogers long before he became Captain America when he was pinned down by bullies at a street corner. With or without the Super-Soldier Serum, Steve was always brave and didn’t hesitate to “do this all day”. He threw the same famous line in Captain America: Civil War during his battle with Iron Man. We heard him say it again for the last time in Avengers: Endgame to his future self.

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