10 Heartbreaking Moments In The MCU That Made Us Cry

Heartbreaking Moments In MCU:

Marvel Universe has seen unprecedented success in the past 10 years at the hands of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio has knitted the universe with the best set of actors and directors, mind-blowing visuals, and engaging storylines. We can rarely think of an MCU movie that didn’t make us laugh, cry, and tensed. A lot of genius minds and hearts are invested in the plot to draw out the maximum emotions from the audience. In spite of its superhero and action genre, the movies are infused with heart-warming and sad moments that made every young-old and men-women cry their eyes out. The memory of losing Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame is still freshly engraved in our minds. Remember how the theatre was echoing with sobs form every corner? There are more such emotional scenes in the stories. Find out the 10 heartbreaking moments in the MCU movies that made us cry.

 1. Thor’s Reunion With His Mother

Losing his home Asgard and getting defeated by Thanos had reduced Thor’s lifestyle into beers and video games in isolation. He lost himself in his grief and became a mess. During his visit back in time with Rocket to retrieve the Reality Stone from Jane Foster in Endgame, Thor’s path crosses with his mother Frigga’s few minutes before her inevitable death at the hands of Malekith. The future Thor knew what was awaiting her as so did Frigga. When Thor tried to warn her about Malekith, Frigga cut him off and said “No, son, you don’t. You’re here to repair your future – not mine.”. She knew he was from the future and saw right through her son as she added, “The future hasn’t been kind to you, has it?”.

 2. When Wanda Destroyed The Soul Stone

Avengers: Endgame Infinity War Elizabeth Olsen

Losing your loved ones is the most painful thing in the world. But being forced to kill them with your hands is a torment no one should go through. After her parents, Quicksilver was Wanda’s only family whom she lost in Avengers: Age of Ultron. She felt complete again on finding love in Vision. But that didn’t last long as she had to destroy the Soul Stone on his head with her powers knowing that it would take away Vision with it.

 3. We Are Groot

Groot’s vocabulary is only confined to “I a Groot.” But in Guardians of the Galaxy when they were plunging straight towards the ground, Groot covered his team with his branches and sacrificed himself in the process. When Rocket asked his best friend why he did so, Groot replied “We are Groot” implying that they were his family.

 4. When Captain America Cancelled His Date

Captain America sacrificed a lot in his service to humanity. After Red Skull was wiped out by the Soul Stone, Steve Rogers had to pilot the ship out of civilization to prevent it from crashing on the city. As he was counting his last few moments, Steve told Peggy, the love of his life that he had to take a rain check on their first dance before crashing.

 5. Peter Parker’s Last Words After The Snap

Spider-Man: Far From Home International Trailer

Unlike others, only Spider-Man could feel the unease of disappearing as every element of his body was being erased at the end of the Infinity War. He could feel it due to his Spider senses. It made it all the difficult to watch a teen boy die who was crying “I don’t want to go”. The young boy with so many unfulfilled dreams could feel his life slipping away from his hands.

 6. When Pepper Says “You can rest now”

Tony Stark was the love of Pepper Potts’s life. She was with Tony there through thick and thin and witnessed how he suffered through his nightmares and PTSD. Tony lost his sleepover his failure to save the world and losing Peter Parker who was his responsibility. When Iron Man took his last breath in Avengers: Endgame after saving the world from Thanos, his wife Pepper held back her pain and told Tony that he could rest now.

 7. Loki’s Sacrifice For Thor

Tom Hiddleston Loki Disney+ Series

Loki’s journey with MCU started as a misguided villain who was loved by fans for his charms, mischiefs, and humor. He spent most of his life envying Thor and wishing for his downfall. But when his adopted brother was threatened by a third entity, Thanos, Loki stepped in for Thor’s defense and sacrificed his life.

 8. Captain America’s Goodbye

Avengers: Endgame Age of Old Captain America

No one knew Steve Rogers as much as his best friend Bucky. Steve, who dedicated his entire extended life and lost his love for his nation as Captain America decided to rewrite his history by returning in time. Though no one knew that he planned to stay back in time after completing his mission to return the stones, Bucky told him that he’d miss him. However, the old Cappy did return to tell his friends not to wait for him and bid the Avengers goodbye.

 9. Yondu’s Death

Heartbreaking Moments In MCU
Heartbreaking Moments In MCU

The end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 had a great twist that tossed us away. Yondu portrayed himself as the hard and heartless one while in truth he deeply cared for Peter Quill as if he were his own son. Meanwhile, Peter aka Star-Lord went against everyone’s warning and trusted his birth father, only discover later that it was Ego who killed his mother. It was Yondu who saved Peter from his birth father by pulling him out from the explosion and giving him his spacesuit.

 10. Black Widow’s Death

Avengers Movies in MCU

Natasha Romanoff’s death in order to obtain the Soul Stone meant more than bringing her people back from the snap. She spent half her life in remorse for her actions as Black Widow and tried everything to clear off her records. She perceived her sacrifice to save the world as a way for her to repay her debts.

Some Honorable Mentions are :

When Thanos Sacrifices Gamora For The Soul Stone


Clint’s Pain In Losing His Family

Heartbreaking Moments In MCU
Heartbreaking Moments In MCU


Steve At Peggy’s Funeral

Killmonger’s Death Speech

Heartbreaking Moments In MCU
Heartbreaking Moments In MCU


Frigga Saves Jane In Exchange of Her Life

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