Marvel Characters Who Weren’t Utilized in The MCU

Marvel Characters Weren’t Utilized:

Marvel Comics has a plethora of stories and adventures that consists of many characters. Adapting the exact story in the movies and giving equal time to every character is never a practical call for the studios. It is confined to a time limit and has to infuse its creativity. But sometimes a character is underused beyond comprehension while others are given the entire spotlight. We have listed some Marvel players who deserved more roles in the MCU movies.

 1. Crossbones

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

Even though, Brock Rumlow had his fair share of role in Captain America: Winter Soldier, his sinister and popular version as Crossbones was kicked out of the MCU before he was even introduced properly. Surely, MCU has a history of taking too much liberty in undermining the comic villains and killing them too soon, Crossbones who is one of Captain America’s biggest foes had the shortest life.

 2. Lady Sif

Jamie Alexander’s Lady Sif is a crucial part of Thor’s adventures. Yet surprisingly she has had little to no role until her complete disappearance in Thor: Ragnarok, followed by Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Fans were expecting to see the Asgardian warrior show up when Asgard and the universe were under threat from Hela and Thor.

 3. Quicksilver

Quicksilver’s quick ending in the Age of Ultron was received with a huge shock by the viewers. It’s rare to see a superhero being killed off in his debut movie before he even gets to utilize his potential. Quicksilver was meant to have a long future ahead of him in the Marvel Universe but fans have still not given up their hopes with WandaVision on its way to Disney+.

 4. Odin

Odin is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel. He was the king of Asgard and the protector of the 9 realms which is a pretty heavy description to support someone’s position. Moreover, the character was portrayed by the legend Anthony Hopkins whose casting had raised our expectations. Hence, it was a bummer that neither the character nor the actor was utilized enough in the Thor series.

 5. Maria Hill

Maria Hill has always been by Nick Fury’s side through thick and thin. Her smartness, strength, and loyalty have proved to be more than an asset to the Avengers and the S.H.I.E.L.D. during critical moments. However, the movies have failed to develop the character any further.

 6. The Howling Commandos

Marvel Characters Weren’t Utilized
Marvel Characters Weren’t Utilized

The Howling Commandos were founded and executed by Captain America during World War 2. However, their contribution was only limited to a montage. There’s no doubt that The Howling Commandos went on more missions which eventually set the foundation of S.H.I.E.L.D.

 7. Heimdall

Confining Heimdall to one spot and guarding Asgard was disrespectful to both the character and the revered actor Idris Elba. The protector of Asgard deserved more dialogues, screen time, and importance in the script. The underutilization of Heimdall had even peeved Elba who was after his agent to get him out of the MCU contract. We hope that Elba’s value is justified in the upcoming DCEU Suicide Squad.

 8. Justin Hammer

Marvel Characters Weren’t Utilized
Marvel Characters Weren’t Utilized

Frankly, Tony Stark was incomplete without his business rival Justin Hammer in a typical Iron Man movie. He was an entertaining and funny villain whose disposition and hard attempts to shine out were treated excellently by Tony Stark’s wit. It was a hilarious rivalry to watch. The post-credits scene ended with Thor’s hammer which also directs towards the ‘Hammer’ in Justin Hammer. This indicates that he is still alive, especially since his company was mentioned in Luke Cage.

 9. Goliath

Avengers: Endgame Theory Bill Foster Quantum Realm Scott

Laurence Fishburne’s Bill Foster had a hilarious and helpful part in Ant-Man and the Wasp by giving out Ava Star’s history and by comparing his sizes with Scott. But Marvel fans would have enjoyed seeing a flashback of Foster’s S.H.I.E.L.D days with his size-altering tech, fighting crimes.

 10. Klaue

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This villain has shown potentials to be a pain in the a55 but every time he shows up, he is stubbed by, not a hero but by another villain. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, he was taken over by Ultron and in his second chance, Klaue was shot by Killmonger in Black Panther.

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