Marvel’s Kevin Feige Visited The Set of DC’s The Suicide Squad

Kevin Feige Visited The Suicide Squad Set:

Marvel vs. DC is a big deal among the fans. There are many who love both these comic book communities, but others tend to support one over the other. Sometimes, the battle between fans does tend intensify on social media. But ultimately, that’s where the borderline exists. This battle exists only among the fandoms. There’s no beef between the creatives who are making these movies and James Gunn, a man who has bridged the gap between DC & Marvel by directing films from both those universes, just cleared this notion. He recently revealed how Kevin Feige reacted upon finding out that he was directing The Suicide Squad.

As you can see above, Gunn posted images of the table read that he did a year ago with the cast of The Suicide Squad. In the comments section, a fan asked Gunn about Marvel’s reaction to when he chose to direct a DC film. He replied:

“I told Kevin Feige before I took the job and he was very cool and supportive as he always is. He just wanted me to make a good movie. He and Lou D’Esposito even came to visit the set and watched us shoot. There isn’t the enmity behind the scenes like there is in the fan community.”

 Kevin Feige Visited The Suicide Squad Set

Well, that’s absolutely amazing. We didn’t really expect any animosity between Marvel or DC anyway because at the end of the day, both Disney & Warner Bros. are professional studios trying to make superhero movies for the fans. Since those films belong to different communities, there will obviously be comparisons between them. But the competition that exists on the professional level between the creatives is rather healthy. Even when Suicide Squad director David Ayer said “F**k Marvel” in public, it was just a publicity stunt. It didn’t come out of hatred, and Ayer has since regretted that move too.

Now talking about James Gunn accepting a DC movie, Marvel couldn’t have shown any ill will against that because Disney was the one to fire him in the first place. No one knew that they will eventually rectify their decision. Marvel didn’t know, and neither did Gunn. So when a big opportunity came flying in towards the visionary director, he was obviously going to take it. Despite that, he consulted with Kevin Feige about it. So that’s just amazing. And Feige visiting the set of The Suicide Squad just puts cherry on the icing. Even when Disney realized that they shouldn’t have fired James Gunn, they were willing to rehire him despite him focusing on The Suicide Squad first.

 Kevin Feige Visited The Suicide Squad Set

Ultimately, what we want is for Marvel & DC to continue making good movies and learn from each other. Even though Marvel has turned into a much bigger entity on the big screen, DC still holds its uniqueness. After getting into the shared universe game, they’ve always tried to do what Marvel hasn’t.

Batman V Superman pit DC’s two big heroes before Marvel did it in Civil War. Suicide Squad was the first movie centered on a team of villains. DC brought their female-led movie before Marvel. They introduced Atlantis before Marvel. They are the ones who have converted a shared universe into a multiverse that covers different universes across movies & TV. Joker became the first R-Rated comic book movie that focused on a villain. This year, DC also brought us the first-ever female team-up superhero film. In 2022, they will bring us a film centered on a speedster. The point I am trying to make here is that DC movies have been innovative in their own right, and at the end of the day, that’s what we need.

 Kevin Feige Visited The Suicide Squad Set

If COVID-19 allows, the next 3-4 years are going to be the greatest for every DC & Marvel fan. Both these communities will launch around 4 movies within a year and along with them, there are going to be multiple big-budgeted Marvel & DC TV shows. There will always be a healthy competition, but we’re in luck because we will get to enjoy both Marvel & DC as they try to outdo each other.

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