Shazam 2 Title Revealed Along With a New Cast Member & Maybe a Secret Cameo

Shazam 2 Title:

Like The Flash, Shazam also had a very small panel. But at least it wasn’t like the Aquaman panel, which was fun in its own right but didn’t reveal anything major about Aquaman 2. As for Shazam 2, we got to know the title of the movie along with a couple of other details. Faithe C. Herman, who played little Darla in the first Shazam movie revealed the new poster of Shazam 2 with its title written on it. Apparently, the movie will be called “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”.

Shazam 2 Title Revealed New Cast Member & Secret Cameo

Since the movie is well over 2 years away, it’s okay that a lot of details weren’t revealed. But a few things were certainly teased. Sinbad crashed the panel and put us all in the dilemma of whether he will star in Shazam! Fury of the Gods or not. Since he is there on the poster, we believe that he will have some sort of a role to play.

Shazam 2 Title Revealed New Cast Member & Secret Cameo

Apart from that, Zachary Levi was asked 4 specific questions by fans. Here’s what the fans wrote to him:

“Will there be a DC cameo in this movie??

Any new powers?!

Will Tawky Tawny make an appearance?

We need to see Superman mentor Shazam!”

Levi obviously claimed that he couldn’t answer any of these questions. But the fact that these 4 questions were specifically chosen from thousands of others possibly confirms that all of them will come true. Superman’s appearance was set up by the previous Shazam movie. Henry Cavill is also back to appear as the Man of Steel in multiple movies. So, he has to be in Shazam 2. Asher Angel teased another secret cameo. He may be hinting at a potential Black Adam appearance. It’d be interesting to see what director Sandberg does with Tawny Tawny.

Shazam 2 Title Revealed New Cast Member & Secret Cameo

I’d like to end this article by noting down those multiple villains were also teased during the panel. So, that means we will be seeing the whole Monster Society of Evil go up against the Shazam family. Let’s see what happens. Shazam! Fury of the Gods arrives on November 4, 2022.

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