5 Myths About Superman That Are Actually True

 Myths About Superman:

The first superhero’s name that usually pops up in everyone’s mind, including the non-comic fans, is Superman. From kids to old, everyone remembers most of the superhero’s powers on his/her fingertips. The decades-old popularity has wrapped this global hero around many theories and facts. Some rumors are surprisingly true, while some beliefs have proved false. Many facts about Clark Kent aka Superman got lost in the stardom, leaving even the fans in doubt. Let us cement our knowledge about Supes by learning about the factually correct beliefs.

 1. The Man Of Steel X-Ray Vision Fails For Lead

Facts About Man of Steel Superman

Apart from his flight abilities, Superman’s x-ray vision through any object is prominent. It allows him to look through anything but lead. He can ever spear through complicated foreign objects and study their basic nature. His vision can also get to the smallest particle and the farthest object. But the only element that limits his vision is the most indigenous material. The reason behind it is that x-rays do not work on lead in general.

 2. Kryptonians Can Influence Physical Items Without Touching

Facts About Man of Steel Superman

The atmosphere of Earth enables Kryptonians to have superhuman powers implying that most of the Kryptonians on Earth have the same strengths and weaknesses. We have also learned that Superboy clone and H’el possess telekinetic powers, the ability to move objects with their minds. It clearly supports the belief that Superman also has telekinetic powers. It has also been used to explain his abilities to fly with a heavy object. His touch would wrap the object with a telekinetic field enabling him to influence them.

 3. Superman Couldn’t Fly In The Initial Comics

There has been a prolonged argument on the flying abilities of the Kryptonian. After all, movies, posters, shows, as well as our minds always picture him zooming in the air. But people confused Supes for a bird; the superhero didn’t have this power until the 1940s. He got these powers when the creators insisted on painting him flying rather than anything else.

 4. The Kryptonian Is Protected By A Forcefield

The Kryptonian powers indeed protect him from any danger. But have you ever wondered how he can zoom like flash, and catch meteors yet his clothes and skin go unscathed? His clothes don’t hold any specific Kryptonian powers but are surrounded by a force field that protects Supes and everything that he touches. The force field can be generated to anyone he wishes by merely wrapping himself around them. This theory had emerged long back and been the most discussed theories. Some also believed that the force field sourced its powers from the solar energy that generated durability to Superman.

 5. Superman Can Create New Powers

Facts About Man of Steel Superman

Superman has always been one of the dearests and most talked of superheroes. Over the years, he has emerged as the most popular and favorite superhero for being upgraded with new powers from time to time. His creators were too generous with the powers and kept adding them without giving a second thought or logic. The very concept of Superman was to transcend its readers to a fantasy land where anything was possible for their hero. Over the years, the Kryptonian has become more and more invincible. He has superpowers that even a big team of superheroes don’t possess, combined. By now, Superman is showered with superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, durability, flight, superhuman speed, eidetic memory, hearing, super breath, super ventriloquism, super hypnotism, stamina, and memory wipe kiss. His super-breath allowed him to freeze objects, blow things off like a cyclone, and to also hold breath through space and underwater.

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