5 Head-Scratching Mysteries That The Batman Trailer Didn’t Reveal

Mysteries in Batman Trailer:

The recent DCFanDome has given us the best news of the year so far. By finally sharing all its upcoming projects, it has had fans, from all over the world, hold discussions. The internet is gushing with reactions, theories, articles, and a lot more. But the best treat that dropped our jaws was the much-awaited The Batman trailer. This is the first reboot after 8 years since Christian Bale’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. Fans are already bombarding messages over Robert Pattinson’s Batman look and the plot to be expected.

The Batman stars Robert Pattinson and will be directed by Matt Reeves. It is expected to release in 2021, though only 30% of the productions have been completed due to COVID 19. The thrilling trailer was loved by fans as it revealed many significant details without spilling too much. The beginning of the dark trailer shows a man in sunglasses duct-taping the Mayor of Gotham and writing “No More Lies” on it. The man in the mask and goggles seems to be none other than The Riddler who could be the main villain of the movie. But the trailer using his signature style of “?” to reveal the year of release confirms that he is The Riddler. The trailer also corroborates Catwoman’s presence in the movie which will be played by Zoe Kravitz. We also know that Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit is still not fully updated as he is using dark under-eye makeup in the trailer. Despite all these confirmed news, we are yet to unravel other mysteries that the trailer didn’t answer.

 1. The Court of Owls

Mysteries Batman Trailer Didn’t Reveal

The Riddler’s owl-featuring card to Batman indicates the inclusion of The Court of Owls in the movie. Furthermore, as discussed above, Riddler’s mask and sunglasses are a lot like the ones worn by the members of the Court of Owls. The Court of Owls was a crime group organization and a secret society that appeared in the Batman comics.

 2. Goons Painted As Joker

The biggest question that the trailer leaves us with the gang of goons whose face was painted like Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. This confirms that the people of Gotham have already crossed their paths with that of the Clown Prince of Crime. Could he show up in the movie?

 3. The Other Side Of Bruce Wayne’s Parents

Mysteries Batman Trailer Didn’t Reveal

The Batman is said to be based majorly on corruption. But the vigilante will be facing a far more different battle this time. The end of the trailer clearly plays Riddler’s line to Bruce Wayne, “part of this too”. It becomes all the more interesting when we add what Reeves said at the FanDome, “[the film] describes this epic history of corruption on Gotham….. you start to understand ‘where did [Bruce’s] family sit in that?’” So far we have only seen Bruce’s parents as the victims but this movie could shed light on their possible participation in Gotham’s corruption.

 4. Gil Colson

Even though the trailer has introduced 2 villains- The Riddler and Penguin, it is still missing another villain. The movie will feature District Attorney Gil Colsen who will is played by Peter Sarsgaard, as confirmed by the actor himself. The actor has also shared that his character will be a“pretty distasteful person”. According to him, he is already done with 80% of his part in the movie. However, it is still unclear how he will be linked to the movie and why he wasn’t shown in the trailer at all. If he has already shot most of his part in a movie that is just 30% complete, it’s surprising that Warner Bros. didn’t add him in the trailer. Is his part insignificant to the story or will it give away too much? Some also speculate Peter to portray the Two-Face.

 5. Where is Batman’s Chamber?

Reeves had earlier revealed that The Batman was not based on Bruce Wayne’s origin story. Batman is already in his second year in protecting Gotham. Additionally, Robert Pattinson’s Batman doesn’t don the usual tech-influenced suit and cape and is seen in a rather amateur costume with dark under-eye makeup. But the question that arises is about his rustic bat-cave. It seems that Batman has discovered an underground space to utilize as his facility but fans are dying to dig more on it. According to some theories, this Batman has built his bat-cave inside a cemetery. But that doesn’t explain the railway tracks seen while Pattinson rides his bike into his base.

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