Morbius, Venom, and Other Spider-Man Family Members Can Join The MCU

Morbius, Venom Can Join The MCU:

The Morbius trailer has sent Marvel fans into euphoria. Not only was the trailer thrilling but Jared Leto raised our heartbeats. Fans have already started to break down the trailer and decipher every meaning and Easter Egg in it. For starters, watching Michael Keaton in the trailer has swirled the internet with various theories. Michael Keaton was last seen as the MCU character, Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Which makes us wonder if MCU brought him in the trailer on purpose. Even though both MCU and Sony share Spider-Man, they have so far kept their respective universes separate. Venom had no connection with MCU and ran on a track from Spidey. So it was a surprise to have Vulture in Morbius trailer which clearly indicates a possible MCU and Sony crossover.

If watching Vulture wasn’t enough for you to expect a shared MCU-Sony universe then MCU has left more crumbs for you to pick up. The trailer had a Spider-Man poster which was vandalized with a graffiti that read “murderer”. Even though the Spider-Man costume looked more similar to that of Tobey Maguire, we can’t ignore how it blends well with what’s happening in the MCU. The mid-credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home showed how Mysterio framed Peter for his murder. It ended at J. Jonah  Jameson accusing Spider-Man of Mysterio’s murder and revealing his true identity. This reveals that the events of Morbius happen after what occurred in Spider-Man: Far From Home. It means that the vampire and eventually Venom and other Spider-Man characters could start to coexist in the Spider-Man universe of MCU. If these messages weren’t explicit, then the trailer also informs you that Morbius is coming “From The Studio That Brought You Spider-Man: Far From Home” which MCU.

Fans are expecting a Sony-MCU Crossover just like the DC-Marve crossover in the Marvel vs DC issue. It carried wars between the characters of Marvel and DC who fought for their respective universes and returned home with no memory of the war. A similar explanation can be used for Spider-Man’s world in MCU and Sony where Spidey can come across Venom and Morbius in Sony movies but later forget about them when he returns to his universe. This will render both the universes run parallel without affecting each other. Spidey is long due in facing his nemesis. As long as Tom Holland’s Spidey exists in both the universes, with both Avengers and his Spidey-Man family, fans are ready to buy any multi-verse travel logic.

Sony has been keen to introduce the Sinister Six for a very long time. And Vulture meeting the Scorpion, Tinkerer, and Shocker in Homecoming could have been the beginning of it. Now we can assume that the plans for Sinister 6 are already brewing as Morbius and Venom are on board. Besides, there is a possibility of Jake Gyllenhaal reviving his role of Mysterio who could still be alive. Peter Parker’s future seems to be drowning in more and more challenges and we can’t wait to discover it in Spider-Man 3. Traveling through universes shouldn’t be an alien field to MCU now that Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is based on exploring multiverses. Furthermore, Sony has already given a nod to Spider-Man existing in multi-verse in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Last year, Sony and MCU had their own set of differences over the rights concerning Spider-Man. After a long battle, the parties conceded on a common note that’s beneficial to both of them. It was agreed upon that Spider-Man would get one more standalone and another Avengers crossover movie with MCU. But what happens after that could be something that’s Sony playing on right now. Will it gets Tom Holland on board or will they produce Sinister 6 with MCU?

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