Original Script of Captain Marvel Included Skrull Talos’ Death

Captain Marvel Skrull Talos’ Death:

Actor Ben Mendelsohn recently revealed that his Skrull character was originally supposed to die in the Captain Marvel movie. It is no surprise that a movie undergoes several changes during the filming process despite being finalized earlier. Sometimes the ideas in our mind pan out to look different once executed. This compels the writers to keep an open mind and a flexible script that can be altered based on how the scenes and performances come out. More factors can impact the original script ranging and they can be external and internal. Apart from the script, even a shot scene gets chopped off if it doesn’t receive the director and editor’s nod. Whether it reaches the final cut or not, it’s always exciting to dig through behind the scenes, bloopers, extended scenes, and deleted scenes. And today, we are going to discuss the original script of Captain Marvel that had different plans for the Skrull, Talos.

The Skrulls including Talos were initially introduced as the primary villains of the plot. It wasn’t until later that they were revealed as the real victims. For decades, Skrulls were hunted down and tormented by the Kree whom Carol Danvers thought to be her allies. On discovering that she was manipulated by the Kree who wanted to steal her power and destroy the Skrulls, Captain Marvel abandoned them and joined forces with the Skrulls. She made it one of her missions to protect the Skrulls from the Kree and find the former a new and safe home in the space. If the makers had followed the original script then we wouldn’t have gotten the mind-blowing twist. Talos’ death would have ended his story then and there, narrowing down possibilities for the future phases of MCU.


Saving Skrull not only gave a brilliant twist to Captain Marvel but also made the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home spicier than we had imagined. The scene revealed that the Nick Fury who watching Spider-Man throughout the movie was Talos who had shape-shifted into the SHIELD agent. The original Nick Fury, on the other hand, was out in space. This sheds light on the highly-discussed Secret Invasion plot. Not only did our jaws drop hard but now we are desperately counting days until the next MCU movie releases and frees us from the cliffhanger. We can’t wait to unearth more about the Skrull invasion and how they co-existed with the humans and Avengers throughout. The incidents in Captain Marvel predate the stories of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and all other Avengers. This raises the possibility that the Skrulls had witnessed everything that occurred in MCU Phase 1 to 3 so far. Some rumors have floated suggesting a separate show on the Skrulls and how they were coexisting secretly among humans. With so many plans of MCU resting on Skrulls, we wonder how they’d go if Talos had died.

During his interview with NME, Mendelsohn who is popularly known for his sinister roles shared the shocking news that his character was supposed to die in the middle of Captain Marvel. He further shared how he felt once his storyline was changed. The actor said:

“That truly exceeded my expectations. [Talos] was gonna die at around page 60 [in the script] originally and he survived that, so he’s done pretty well. And if that f***ing shapeshifter rears his ugly head again, I’ll do my best to be inside it.”

Captain Marvel Skrull Talos’ Death

The success of the previous phases proves that Marvel is a wizard in predicting the future of its universe. Keeping Talos’ alive has turned out to be fruitful for MCU as he now plays a key role in Phase 4. His fate has opened possibilities for interesting storylines that will be unleashed either in Captain Marvel 2 or in Disney+ WandaVision.

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